Creative Writing - Important Myths and Facts, You Must Follow

Written by, Ajinkya Bangade

Any form of writing like fiction, poetry, nonfiction and more; which is written with creativity of mind called as creative writing. The purpose of creative writing is to express feelings, emotions or thoughts. There are two types of this:

1) Bad- No one wants to do this
2) Good

Everyone wants to write perfectly; but the question is how.

creative writing ideas

In my opinion, you need to improve your technique of writing with great determination of write.

We are going to discuss every possible aspect about creative writing here in this article.

What exactly is creative writing?

I searched on Google and found answer similar to this.

creative writing defination

I’m quite disappointed by reading this answer even Wikipedia is not clear about it. According to Wikipedia any type of writing outside the bound called as creative writing.

We could say that fiction, poetry and nonfiction are the examples of it. Knowledge of writing prompts are very necessary for  creative writing.

In my opinion forget about the definition and by using your creativity derive a own meaning of it.

creative writing skill

Before you start creative writing:

(1) Get more information about genres and sub genres

There are lot of genres and sub genres in writing. A great author is specialized in particular type of genres only. Novelist write only novels, poets write only poetry and so on. There may be some exceptions like some novelist write short stories and vice versa.

(2) Pick one genre or subgenre in which you like to be specialist

It is not that much hard to pick but as well it is not that much easy. It took someone about months or years to find out their own genres.

(3) Write Regularly

Write regularly as much as you can. This is the only thing which could uplift your writing standard.

Creative Writing vs. Technical Writing

Creative writing is creative itself; but technical writing is logical by nature. Both the writing types have their own rules and styles.

Creative Writing:

1. It is written to educate and entertain. We get pleasure to read it. e.g. Novel
2. It has so many types of genres and subgenres
3. Sometime Follows Given Set of Rules and Sometimes not.
4. It needs basic talent of creativity. If not have such then how could your writing give pleasure to people?

Technical Writing:

1.  It is written to inform or educate.
2. We could say it as copywriting. e.g. sales letter, pitches, advertisement.
3. Technical writer are the highest paid writer.
4. It has its own rules, conventions, Dos and Don’ts.
5.  Formal language is applicable only in this type.

It is simple to improve your creative writing skills by following these key points.

- Read out some books about grammar, spelling and punctuation. One or two books are sufficient to improve.
- You should know how to expose the myths of proofreading and editing.
- Write in rough, revise it and finalize the final copy itself.
- It will be better if you manage to get rid of adverbs, unnecessary adjectives and flowery prose.

Writing creatively look simple; but most of slip up and make common mistakes. We are a human being not a robot, so mistake happens; but we could avoid these mistakes to make our writing superb. There are few common mistakes are done by creative writers. Let us discuss them here.

1. They are not up to date with others writing
2. They plagiarize their writing
3. They use complicated flowery prose or big words
4. They use too much Adjectives and Adverbs
5. They are very lazy to practice new things in writing
6. They do not hunt for new writing methods and processes

These are some  myths and facts to follow. Feel free to comment.

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