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Written  by Ajinkya Bangade


Writing on a meticulous topic in a particular way is known as “Writing prompts”. In schools, colleges, universities & other institution staff emphasize on how to create best writing prompts. The trend of writing prompts or creative writing prompts is increasing day by day because of the domination of the online world. The online world of blogging/websites polishes the skills of a writer and many writers came up in order to present their skills. 

Creative Writing - Important Myths and Facts, You Must Follow

Written by, Ajinkya Bangade

Any form of writing like fiction, poetry, nonfiction and more; which is written with creativity of mind called as creative writing. The purpose of creative writing is to express feelings, emotions or thoughts. There are two types of this:

1) Bad- No one wants to do this
2) Good

Everyone wants to write perfectly; but the question is how.

Easy Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+; we could also make money via Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is also providing us money making opportunities. We have discussed earlier about money making opportunities via FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+, now here I am providing you some useful ways to make money with Pinterest. Hope this will definitely help. Feel free to suggest or comment; if you find something offensive or wrong here. It will be a great help for me.

Easy Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

How to Make Money with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site where you will find professional member with different sectors and industries. People with different fields and niche find easily here. Let us discuss about how to make money with LinkedIn. Yes, it is also one of the trending topics now a day.
Some useful Ways you should follow to make money with LinkedIn

How to Make Money with LinkedIn

How to Make Money with Google Plus Effectively with Stunning Marketing Strategies

Don't get shocked!!! Yes, Google Plus is also giving you money making opportunity with stunning marketing strategies. Here I am going to discuss about how to utilise G+ platform easily for marketing your business and for making money.

How to Make Money with Google Plus Effectively with Stunning Marketing Strategies

Getting Started with Forex Trading

The advantage of the forex trading for the beginner is he/she gets the price quote at any time i.e. day or night. As the stock market in the US opens for Monday to Friday in 9.30 pm to 4 pm, the trader has to plan the trading schedule according to stock market. But in the case of forex trading it will not occur and so he/she can trade in off period also. It is not surprising to know that forex trading is the largest as well as most liquid global financial market.

Getting Started with Forex Trading

Introduction to Forex Trading

Forex trading is one of the largest financial markets in the world. According to recent financial survey foreign exchange market has increased its average daily turnover from $4 billion to $5.3 billion in 2013. But, the famous stock exchange New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has average daily turnover of only $30 billion. Here I am providing you a basic introduction to Forex trading.

Introduction to Forex Trading

How to Make Money Online

Work from Home Part Time Online Jobs without Investment

Do you want to save your thousands of rupees while searching online or part time jobs? Then you are at the right place. Yes, it is possible to work online from your home with comfort and without investment. Here this guide will give you an idea about how to make money online.

Important Facts:  

important facts of online money making
There are infinite numbers of online part time or full-time jobs. But if you wish to earn fast and easy money from internet, then please forget about online jobs. There is no shortcut to earn money online. You have to work hard. Proper planning and hard works may lead to huge income. It is my own experience. Proper guidance on these jobs, your hardworking ability and patience are required to be successful.

Important Things to Apply Online for a Personal Loan

If you are looking for a personal loan for a car, for home maintenance or for some other reasons then start collecting few important things which are mandatory before applying online for a personal loan. I am providing you all the important things which are required and then you can speed up to collect all those things and be ready to apply online for your personal loan.

personal loan application form

New Emerging IT Jobs Profiles

IT industry invents something new in every two years both in technology and talent. As more and more new analytical tools like bigdata, SMAC, etc. are used in latest technology. Along with these technological innovations they have changed their approach in IT jobs. Here I am providing you new emerging IT jobs profiles in IT industry. 

IT jobs profiles in IT industry.

How to Make Money on Twitter

Yes, Twitter is also providing lots of opportunities to make money online. Here in this article I have mentioned 3 useful ways with 5 essential tips to make money from Twitter. Last year I had read one article which was related to a boy who made near about $35000 only from Twitter. That boy had 6 Twitter account and 1 million+ Twitter followers. One noticeable thing is he was not any celebrity; but an 18 year college boy. This story motivated me to write this article. There are many people who are making decent money on twitter.

3 Useful Ways to Make Money on Twitter

(1) By Tweeting Advertisements
(2) By Affiliate Marketing
(3) By Promoting Products

Make Money on Facebook with Facebook Pages and Groups

Last year I was just searching for different online money making ideas. And Facebook is one of them. Many of us are using Facebook for making money. Some uses it to introduce their business, some for to make popular their blog and to advertise their products. There are different people with different ideas. There are infinite numbers of ideas to make money on Facebook. You have to search it. Here in this article I have mentioned that how you could make money from Facebook pages, groups and likes. And one important thing you can directly earn from Facebook without any business, products or website.

make money on facebook with pages or groups

Investing Strategies for business Plan of First Time Investor

When you are going to invest in a business or share market and you don’t have the idea what to do then you may lose lot of money. To become successful investor is not so easy and make money is not an overnight thing. You have to study the market in detail and get familiar how everything in the market works. In this article I am providing few important investing strategies for business plan of First time investor. 

Investing Strategies for business Plan of First Time Investor

How to Make Money from Social Networking Sites - Top 5

Everyone is aware with social networking sites. Even each of us is using social networking sites to communicate, spread meaningful messages, awareness and so on. Here I will not discuss about the term social networking sites. But I am going to discuss about how to make money from social networking sites.

Yes, you can. For that here I am providing some tips; go through it carefully.

Amazing Innovation for Business - Best Smartphone Review

All of you already know what a Smartphone is. Smartphone is much more than a simple mobile phone and full of various amazing innovation. I am providing you best Smartphone review to introduce you with the Smartphone and its amazing features. Smartphone has various attractive features and applications which provides us complete access to all services which would be possible only on computer and other related devices in the past. 

best smartphone review

Top Business Intelligence Tools

One of the most powerful and popular ways to determine the success or failure of a business is the detail analysis of available business data. The data available may vary from one business sector to another, also depends upon sales, product category or market. But business intelligence plays an important role here for securely analysis of available data in the form of reports, charts, collaboration, OLAP, data mining and other factors. 

business intelligence tools

Becoming an Engineering Manager

In an interview with a senior engineering manager, he told me one of his experiences. He told me that he has forgotten the pleasure of working with extremely talented engineers. He has asked some of them to leap into the company management. 

engineering manager

Nine Best IT Jobs Profiles For 2015

Keeping aside all types of manufacturing and core sectors, global IT sector is growing very rapidly and recording double digit growth consistently. IT companies are providing huge job market in the past few years.  These jobs include various job profiles like software developer, mobile developer, project manager, network engineer, data scientist, etc.
top it jobs 2015

Income Tax Calculator to check your Income Tax Return

Every registered professional pays income tax return according to his/her annual income from all sources and Income tax Department guidelines. In every fiscal, every professional from both government sector and private sector tries to get idea about his/her income tax return. In this article I am providing you income tax calculator based on latest union budget changes which will be helpful for all government as well as private sectors employees to find their income tax return.

Best Online Shopping Sites

With rise of smart phones, laptops, computer, tablet, etc. and greater access to internet worldwide more and more people are moving towards online shopping. Today online shopping sites have big share in online business. These sites are proved to be one of the important ways to save money online and help consumers to buy products food, clothing, medications, entertainment, electronics, etc.

As people are becoming busy day by day with their and other important reasons use of smart phones and mobile devices and obviously internet is increased in these days. Many popular online shopping sites are providing services to potential buyers all over the world. 

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