Insurance Companies are Providing Insurance for your New Mobile Phones

Is there any need of insurance for your mobile phone? Well, answer is somewhat 'Yes' to respective question. Yes, you need insurance from mobile phone insurance companies for your band new mobile phones or smart phones like Apple 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. If your phone is below Rs. 10000, then you need not to go for insurance. Smartphone’s like Apple 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are having price more than Rs.50000 and cannot afford to lose such costly phones. You will be better aware about mobile phone insurance companies after reading this article.

Insurance Companies are Providing Insurance for your New Mobile Phones

Why do you need Insurance for your mobile phones?

It is better to insure your mobile phone by mobile phone insurance company.

Here are some reasons:

(1) Theft: 

Estimations comes out that near about 2 millions of phones are stolen in every month. And further it is very difficult to recover that stolen phone. Because thieves often sell phones in second hand market. One more thing need to be notice that market of second hand phone is about Rs. 500 crores in country. So that it is better to insure your mobile phone by insurance companies.

(2) Physical Damage to Mobile Phone:

You know that Mobile Phone Company does not give warranty on physical damage. Some of high end mobile like Apple, Samsung have big screen. You can’t handle it properly. Sometimes accident occurs due to improper handling and lead to physical damage. Expenses for repairing will be very high for high end mobile like HTC, Apple and Samsung. But the insurance covers overall cost of repair.

(3) Lost Mobile Phone to Public Places: 

Sometimes at parties or public places you kept your phone aside and forgot to keep with you while leaving place. Many people lost their phone like this. Further they are unable to track lost one; even they have full detail about it. If you have insured your mobile phone, then don’t worry. Your mobile phone insurance company will refund total price of it.

How to claim Your Mobile Phone Insurance

- Register FIR to local police station. There may be other reasons; but of reasons are related to theft only.

- Block your SIM, for that contacts your network provider.

- Collect SIM Barring proof or SIM change subscription bill from Network Provider.

- Keep an ownership proof of mobile phone with you. (Phone Purchase Bill)

- Complete the formality with mobile insurance company and then don’t forget to ask your seller about compensation plan. Seller has a responsibility to choose your compensation plan.

- Don’t forget to act on all these steps within two days or 48 Hrs.

Things which are covered under insurance plan

(1) Theft (The act of stealing): We all are aware about it. The act of stealing is one of main cause for insurance.

(2) Damaged by Fire

(3) Damaged due to accident like car accident.

(3) Damaged by terrorist attack, strike and riot.

(4) Damaged due to unexpected conditions.

Above mentioned situations are covered by Insurance Company.

Things which are not covered under insurance plan

(1) Disappearance of mobile phone mysteriously.

(2) Theft from open cars (Means Cars which are not closed properly).

(3) Mechanical or Electronically Breakdown.

(4) Damaged due to fall in water.

(5) Damaged by 4 year Kids.

(6) Your opened mobile phone operated by other.

(7) If you have given your mobile phone for lending.

Remember above mentioned situation are not covered by insurance company.

Premium Rates for Insurance Policy

Before discussing about top insurance plans in India let us discuss about the premium rates for Insurance Policy. Today’s date premium rate is between Rs.10-20 per Rs.1000. For Example if you bought Apple Phone for Rs.50000 and you want to insure for all Rs.50000, then you have to pay Rs.750-Rs.1000 for total amount. Premium rates are varying from company to company. It is very important to know about insurance company and it premium.

Top Insurance Plans in India for Mobile

(1) Samsung Mobile Insurance:

Plan is valid only for two models Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.
Plan Covered: theft, loss, breakdown, technical fault, water or moisture.
If damage is occurs either you get replaced or repaired.

(2) Nokia Insurance (Collaboration with New India Assurance):

Premium: Fixed Rs.50
Plan Covered: Theft, loss, damage due to regular use and internal breakdown of components.

They provide pick and drop facility for few cities.

(3) Apple Care:

There are various plans offered by apple care one gives you warranty of one year and 3 months of technical support. Other additional plan gives you extra protection and warranty extension up to 2 Years from purchase date.

There are so many insurance companies available in market. Stay tuned to Incisivea, we'll update soon.

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Exciting Ways to Make Money Online Even You are Asleep

In this era of internet more and more people are using internet for various purposes and looking for different opportunities to make money online. There are different ways to make money online available today and they are very easy. You can earn healthy money if you utilize your time as well as brain properly.

Exciting Ways to make money online even you are asleep

These ways will give you the opportunity to earn money even you are asleep and we are providing you some ways through this article. Here we are cautioning you because title of this article may mislead you. So you have to assume some things written below:

·  When we say that you can earn money when you are asleep it doesn't mean that it is lottery or jackpot.

·  You will not get lots of money by working for a single day or night.

·  Nothing said in this article is illegal as anyone thinks that one can earn money even he is asleep only when it is illegal.

·  You should have good knowledge of English and internet as well.

·  Money is not going to come in weeks or months. It can take years also. After all everything depends on your performance.

After reading above points I hope you are understood why the title is ‘’ Exciting Ways to make money online even you are asleep”. This is true but finally it depends on your efforts and performance.

Before you start to make money online you have to toil day and night to build a system which will give you to earn money even you are asleep. That system should be strong enough to provide you the revenue day and night.

Now we are providing you different ways to make money online. First we divide these ways to make money online into two broad categories viz. offline and online. They are discussed below:

Offline Ways

First of all we are providing you offline ways to make money online even you are asleep. Offline ways can be used by anyone and the knowledge of computer or internet is not mandatory. So any person with any background can use this technique to earn money.

Here are some offline ways given below:

1) Buying and selling of stocks for long term trading

One of the popular ways to make money online even you are asleep is ‘stock trading’. It is very easy and not risky as well.

You can buy a stock and you can sell it at any moment. When price of that stock goes up, you should sell that stock at that very moment.

Suppose you have bought a stock for Rs.100000 and wait for say one year and after that if stock price rises then you can sell that stock for 160000 or even 180000. In this way you can earn money without any extra work. Just you have to wait for right moment.

2) Giving money as a loan to someone and charge interest rate after return

All of us are very much familiar with this idea and some of you may be using this. But it is also one of the best ways to make money even you are asleep. If someone comes to you and asking for a loan of Rs 50000 then you can earn money by charging interest rate of 10% to 15% on return.

In this way you can earn nearly Rs 15000 for one transaction and if you do multiple transactions then you can earn extra money.

The other way is you can keep your money by keeping it in fixed deposit account and you can earn nearly 8% interest rate depending upon the period and other factors.

3) Buy Lottery tickets on daily basis and wait for your lucky number

It is one of the common ways to make money and used by millions of people on daily basis. We are not misguiding you to become a gambler but it is also a way available to make money without doing anything.

In this case all your earnings depend on luck and you can earn crores if you are lucky enough. But the possibility of losing small money exists.

The lottery tickets ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500 are available in the market and try to buy government sponsored lottery tickets. They will display the result and you can earn money if you get that lucky number.

4) Give your home or shop on lease or rent

This way is used very widely and one can easily give his home or shop on rent or lease. But it is not possible for all, as you should have an extra house or shop.

Giving house or shop on rent is the easiest way to make money even you are asleep and can collect money from that needy person on daily basis.

If you have the shop or house in big cities like Mumbai or Delhi then you can contact a real estate agent to help you to get the desired person who will be ready to have your property on rent. In this way you can earn money without doing any hardwork.

Online Ways

Now we consider some online ways to make money online. The online ways are more popular as well as easier than offline ways. Just you have to prepare a program or software here and which will be able to work automatically and you can make money online even you are sleeping. But online ways requires more intelligence and obviously knowledge of computer and internet. Let’s understand some of the popular ways to make money online.

1) Create a blog and selling of affiliate products

It is the way which is used abundantly to make money online. You can create a blog and after participating in one of the affiliate marketing program you can sell affiliate products and can earn easy money. Through this way you have to guide people to buy particular type of product to which you are affiliated.

You can create a blog related with few topics like technology, education, finance, business, etc. Then you can sell various products related with the area of your blog. Our Incisivea Team are also working on this platform and promoting blogging.

Once you are created various blogs and become popular number of people will visit your blog and they can buy the affiliated products repeatedly. In this way you can earn easy money without doing much and even you are asleep. Promoting affiliate product can be useful to make money online.

2) Write an eBook and sell number of copies online

This way is being popular especially in book lovers and writers. The e-commerce giant site like Flipkart started their business as eBook seller and now it has reached great height. From this example you will be came to know the potential of this way to make money online.

If you are passionate about writing a book on a spicy topic then don’t worry of publisher you can write your book in eBook format and can sell it online without publishing its hard copy.

You can write your eBook having 300 to 400 pages and can sell it at a cost of $10 to $20. The website like ClickBank provides the facility to sell such eBooks. In this way you can earn money online even you are asleep.

3) Install AutoResponder, collect email list automatically and sell products online

If you have a blog or a website and large traffic coming on it per day then you can install AutoResponder. AutoResponder is well known software for internet users and you have to pay as a monthly subscription for it for installation.

This money is very less as compared to returns you get after installing it. AutoResponder helps you to track people who are visiting your blog and gives you email addresses.

You can get list up to 500000 and after that you can sell the products by sending email on this email addresses. In this way you can make money online.

4) Create a software or web application and charge fees for monthly subscription

Emerging of WhatsApp is one of the popular examples of this way to make money online. It is an opportunity for excellent coders who are interested in developing an innovative web application or software. If you have in depth knowledge of internet then you can grab this opportunity and make an easy money even you are asleep.

If you software or web application is amazing and has the potential to solve the problem of internet users then you can earn lots of money instantly.

You can charge monthly subscription fees for your application and can earn money in very short time.

5) Create a website to get heavy traffic and sell products

If you are able to become a potential blogger and get successful in attracting huge amount of traffic in your website then you can earn lots of money be selling various products to your visitors.

A popular website can be sold to even $100000 and you can earn money online on large scale in very short time.

6) Place advertisements on right  website and get paid

You can place ads if your blogs have huge traffic. You will get these ads on Google Adsense and other ads network website.

You will be paid of one click on your ads. More the number of clicks more will be the money and everything depends on the traffic received on your website or blog. In this way you can make money even you are sleeping.

I hope all these ways to make money online will help you to earn money even you are sleeping.

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A New Way to Sell Old Products- Quikr and OLX

Today everyone has heard about OLX as well as Quikr. People use these sites to sell their old products at best prices. If a person has used car, bike, mobile phone, computer, furniture, etc. can sell these products on Quikr and OLX at a good rate. We can say that Quikr as well as OLX are Indian counterpart of Craigslist. These sites are more popular than Craigslist in India and thousands of people are selling as well as buying many products on Quikr and OLX.

A New Way to sell old products- Quikr and OLX

Before few days there were no OLX or Quikr and people preferred to sell used items directly. Now a person can get large quantity of products they are looking for on OLX or Quikr and people can get more money by selling their products on these websites than selling then directly.  

Why OLX?

Everyone who wants to sell or buy products on OLX should know about its features. Following features of OLX made this site one of the best platform to sell old products: 

1) Colorful ads: The ads on OLX are very vivid and colorful consisting of pictures as well as videos. One can see actual appearance of product with the help of these pictures. If someone wants to sell old or used car the omega will show the same car not the image of a new one.

2) Full control on ads: A person gets facility to control his ads fully and also he can manage his community with My OLX.

3) Social Media Interface: One of the important feature of OLX is its interface with social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc. and you can publish your ads on these sites.

4) Accessibility: OLX is accessible to mobile users also and these mobile users can sell or buy the used items on this site.

5) Language: OLX is available in more than 40 languages and hence almost everyone can post their ads and see ads on OLX.

Decide which is the best Direct selling or Sell products through OLX or Quikr? 

Now you have to take decision about which way is to be preferred to sell or buy your old products whether to sell it directly or use OLX or Quikr. This article is written in favor of these free sites but there are some points which make direct selling useful in some cases. Then let’s discuss about those situations in which direct selling is more beneficial as compared to OLX or Quikr. There are some items like car, jewelry, and some other expensive items that can be sold directly instead of OLX or Quikr.

If your friend knows a customer who wants to buy your used products and if you think that you can get best price for your product then you should sell your product directly and in this case there is no need of OLX or Quikr. But direct selling is not popular because the person who wants to sell products directly don’t know the market price of that product, but OLX helps him to know the market price.

How to sell products on OLX or Quikr?

Selling products on OLX or Quikr is very easy and anyone can use this sites. Selling of product is an art and the products like mobile phone, baby cart, etc. is also an art as they are used items. 

First of all you have to register on OLX by creating the account and this is very easy process. After that you can start selling items on this free site. While selling on this website you have to take care of few things in mind. 

First thing is to create attractive ads. Your ads must be great so that more and more people should be attracted towards your product. Another important factor is you are selling used product and you have to make best out of it. 

The general reason of people behind selling products on OLX is they get nearly half price of the product they bought. If one wants to sell a car worth Rs. 500000, they he will get 250000 or 275000 from it on OLX. 

So, you have to create innovative ads and make these ads more attractive so that more and more people get attracted. Your title should also be attractive.

If you are selling a used car then you should design a title which is different than any other ads and also OLX search engine must bring you on top priority of its search results.

The most important feature of posting ads on OLX is no word limit. So OLX gives you enough space to present your ideas. You can describe toy product fully by giving the information fully and try to highlight the important things and make this ads more attractive. You have to keep marketing approach while posting ads.

Tell the customers about present condition of product and latest images of that product. While uploading photos a care must be taken about the quality of photos and so the images must be taken with good camera. The images must look good so that people will definitely see those images. While capturing the images a care must be taken about light, background, etc.

One you are done with your ads then you have to promote it. So, use social media like Facebook, Twitter to spread these ads and reach to number of people. Also you should be honest about your product and don’t lie.

How to get best from OLX?

Now we consider how to get best by selling products on OLX i.e. making more money. After all this is an art to sell this product and earn more money. You have to keep pricing very reasonable.

You should prefer hard cash for cheap items, but if you are selling a car then you should do bank transactions.

Also Social media sites like Facebook has enormous potential and you should use these sites to promote your ads so that you will reach more and more people. Finally tell people to promote your product in public.

Tips For online Business on Quikr or OLX

We provide you some tips to sell your items on Quikr or OLX.

1) Always think of selling product directly or on OLX. If you think that you can get more money on OLX then go for it.

2) You must take your own time to create your attractive ads.

3) You ads must look good and so images and photos must be of good quality.

4)Before putting price of that product on ads, check the market price and then set your price on OLX.

5) OLX is best site for selling electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers and even cars.

6)There is no contract here and hence the customer can decide not to buy your product later.

7)Don’t force any customers to buy your product at any stage.

8)If there is lot of competition then don’t post your ads and wait for good opportunity.

In this way one can make big money online using selling their items on OLX or Quikr with the help of posting great ads.

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How to Find Data Entry Jobs from Home (Copy Paste Jobs)

Today data entry jobs from home are proved to be good option to start work from home. Copy and paste jobs are very good and can be useful to earn big money online. If you are housewife, retired person or looking for an online job then copy and paste jobs are one of the best options.

You can work from home part time basis and can earn easy money. This article provides you what exactly copy and paste jobs are and also various plans of copy and paste jobs which will help you to choose your plan. We will also provide you merits and demerits of copy and paste jobs and after reading this article you will be fully familiar with this form of data entry jobs from home.

What are copy and paste jobs?

You are new to data entry jobs from home and obviously copy and paste jobs. Copy and paste jobs are one of the data entry jobs where one has to copy and paste paragraphs in word format documents. These data entry jobs from home can earn big money without any investment.

In the beginning the job may be difficult for you but as time passes it will become very easy. The basic thing is that you have to copy the word contents from the database and paste it into new word document. Here you don’t have to waste time in searching required contents on internet as they are already provided. Just you have to copy those contents and paste in the required field. 

How to find Data Entry Jobs From Home (Copy Paste Jobs)

Copy and Paste Jobs Plans

Copy and paste jobs which are one of the important data entry jobs from home can be offline as well as online. In offline jobs you have to copy and paste the contents offline in word format and save it to the computer and later you have to email those documents.

If the job is online then you have to paste the document on company website and submit it. In this way both the ways of data entry seems to be very easy. The text matter can be of 1 line, 10 lines , 50 lines or 100 lines also.

You will be given a particular task or assignment which you have to complete within certain period. If you are given a project having completion period 30 days then you have to submit it within 30 days. Otherwise your account can be terminated from that website.

You have to consider number of plans given by the company for which you are working. We consider few examples, in Starter scheme you have to finish 1500 copy and paste jobs within 30 days. In Master plan you have to complete more stuff and you will be rewarded with bonus and extra benefits.
These data entry jobs from home charges Rs 2500 to 3500 for registration and after that you get the opportunity to do work.

How to find best copy and paste jobs?

It will be very challenging to find a good copy and paste jobs. You have to search on internet and see the classifieds in the newspaper and choose the right data entry jobs. 

After that you should contact them and try to get more information about the plan of data entry jobs from home. Also ask them about registration and membership fees. You can visit their office and try to get more information. After payment of registration fees you will get number of projects and you can earn healthy income from these data entry jobs from home.

We recommend you that you should contact the existing members and try to know their past experience and also trust of the company which will help you to chose this copy and paste jobs plan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of data entry jobs from home (Copy and paste jobs)

Copy and paste jobs are one of the important types of data entry jobs from home. These jobs have advantages as well as disadvantages. We are trying to present you the honest picture of these jobs.


1) Copy and paste jobs come under the category of data entry jobs from home and you can work in this way ant time and from home also as per your convenience. These are beneficial for housewives retired person who are looking for part time jobs from home.

2) Copy and paste jobs are very easy and you have to just copy and paste contents and so you can earn more money by completing number of projects in desired period from this type of data entry jobs from home.

3) The money paid for this type of data entry jobs from home is not less and so you can earn good income by taking these copy and paste jobs as career.

4)Anyone can join this data entry jobs from home and using copy and paste job he can earn healthy income and more important thing is that no educational qualification is mandatory here. Everything depends on your performance. Even a jobless person or a person with a job can work partime by taking data entry jobs from home as career.


As per our discussion there are lots of advantages of copy and paste jobs but they have some disadvantages too.

1) The most important thing is that you have to search on internet for a good data entry jobs from home or you have to refer newspaper classifieds and select a genuine and well paying job which is very less in the market.

2) You have to take care of the companies you are working for that they are not indulged in any scams or fraud. Sometimes such companies lured job seekers by taking money from them.

3) You have to be very careful while doing these copy and paste jobs and try to give perfection in your work so that minimum errors occur. Due to even minor errors the company can cancel you project or membership.

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Fiverr- How to Make Money

Fiverr is one of good source for making money from home. Many people are talking about Fiverr now a day. Lots of people have made good income from Fiverr and continuously doing. So how people are making money on Fiverr? Before discussing over this you need to understand exactly what is Fiverr?

Fiverr is place where you can buy or sell single service only for $5. Service depends on your skills. Now you have to decide what you are willing to sell only for $5. Fiverr has grown with rapid rate in last two years and near about a complete marketplace. Even it is one of the biggest marketplaces where experienced professionals are joining and offering their service only for $5.

So how people are making Money on Fiverr?


For making money on Fiverr you would have some good skill. If you do not have such one, then acquire one that you could sell on Fiverr. Remember one thing your service, somewhat has to be cheaper than real market price.

Fiverr How to Make Money

One of Indian seller on Fiverr is telling that how to make money on Fiverr and how to earn money on Fiverr. Check out the listing of this person, his 22 orders in queue and 100% rating.

Let's take another example. He is top seller on Fiverr and has done more than 3500+ orders without having a single negative rating. Gig is so simple compare to above one. As he is doing it manually, it takes 4 days of time. 

Fiverr How to Make Money

Actually it won’t take more than 30 minutes to submit a site to 20 social bookmarking sites. So you can notice how people are earning money on Fiverr.  Initially it may take more time for First order. Once you get some good rating, you'll find your inbox full of orders.

So how could you make money on Fiverr?

In order to start earning from Fiverr you have to follow these steps.

- Join Fiverr
- Create your first Gig by clicking on 'Start Selling" link.
- You will find the 14 different categories.
- Select one of these categories.
- If you are not comfortable with given categories then select "Other'
- Click on 'Create New Gig' Tab
- Then you need to provide title, category description, keyword tags, some instruction to buyers, and description about the service, delivery time and suitable image regarding Gig.
- Now click on 'Save' button.

You have done all the process regarding to create a brand new Gig. It is ready to be shown in Fiverr Marketplace.

You could make difference by your work and tricks; which is usually done by Top Sellers on Fiverrs. Trick is, you have to tell buyers that your service is unique, cheaper and best others and others can’t do this.

Before working on Fiverr, please go through our Fiverr Guide. This Guide will also help you to clear out many doubts regarding Fiverr and you will also get some tips and tricks.

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