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Easy Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+; we could also make money via Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is also providing us money making opportunities. We have discussed earlier about money making opportunities via FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+, now here I am providing you some useful ways to make money with Pinterest. Hope this will definitely help. Feel free to suggest or comment; if you find something offensive or wrong here. It will be a great help for me.

Easy Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

How to Make Money with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site where you will find professional member with different sectors and industries. People with different fields and niche find easily here. Let us discuss about how to make money with LinkedIn. Yes, it is also one of the trending topics now a day.
Some useful Ways you should follow to make money with LinkedIn

How to Make Money with LinkedIn

How to Make Money with Google Plus Effectively with Stunning Marketing Strategies

Don't get shocked!!! Yes, Google Plus is also giving you money making opportunity with stunning marketing strategies. Here I am going to discuss about how to utilise G+ platform easily for marketing your business and for making money.

How to Make Money with Google Plus Effectively with Stunning Marketing Strategies

How to Make Money Online

Work from Home Part Time Online Jobs without Investment

Do you want to save your thousands of rupees while searching online or part time jobs? Then you are at the right place. Yes, it is possible to work online from your home with comfort and without investment. Here this guide will give you an idea about how to make money online.

Important Facts:  

important facts of online money making
There are infinite numbers of online part time or full-time jobs. But if you wish to earn fast and easy money from internet, then please forget about online jobs. There is no shortcut to earn money online. You have to work hard. Proper planning and hard works may lead to huge income. It is my own experience. Proper guidance on these jobs, your hardworking ability and patience are required to be successful.

How to Make Money on Twitter

Yes, Twitter is also providing lots of opportunities to make money online. Here in this article I have mentioned 3 useful ways with 5 essential tips to make money from Twitter. Last year I had read one article which was related to a boy who made near about $35000 only from Twitter. That boy had 6 Twitter account and 1 million+ Twitter followers. One noticeable thing is he was not any celebrity; but an 18 year college boy. This story motivated me to write this article. There are many people who are making decent money on twitter.

3 Useful Ways to Make Money on Twitter

(1) By Tweeting Advertisements
(2) By Affiliate Marketing
(3) By Promoting Products

Make Money on Facebook with Facebook Pages and Groups

Last year I was just searching for different online money making ideas. And Facebook is one of them. Many of us are using Facebook for making money. Some uses it to introduce their business, some for to make popular their blog and to advertise their products. There are different people with different ideas. There are infinite numbers of ideas to make money on Facebook. You have to search it. Here in this article I have mentioned that how you could make money from Facebook pages, groups and likes. And one important thing you can directly earn from Facebook without any business, products or website.

make money on facebook with pages or groups

How to Become Full time Fiverr Sellers

All of us are familiar with Fiverr and its $5 idea. Today Fiverr has shown that it has big potential to make money online and sell various products as well as services at $5. According to my analysis, in last one year many people has taken Fiverr as full time business and become full time Fiverr seller. 

Today more than 14% of fiverr sellers are working full time on Fiverr and making big money online. There are more than 1, 00,000 Fiverr sellers and so more than 14,000 are full time Fiverr sellers.

Importance of Fiverr Level System to earn money online on Fiverr

Fiverr is getting very popular day by day because of its new and amazing idea of $5 for internet users. Fiverr has given huge platform for common people to sell their cheap products as they can’t afford costly ways. 

Before few days most of the market share was captured by big companies and they were selling the products at a high price to the clients and so there was no chance to the common skilled people due to lack of investment. But Fiverr has provided an innovative idea to these small business players to sell their products at $5. 

When Fiverr came to this online market it has given big opportunity to small businesses to sell their products and show their talent and compete with bigger ones. Also people with lower budget can buy various products at a very lower rate i.e. $5.

The two most important things which made Fiverr popular and successful are its idea “buy anything at $5” and its “rating system”. The rating system gives idea to the people about genuine service provider and also service provider with high ratings get more orders. 

But there was one problem raised while dealing on Fiverr. If a particular task is very time consuming even though they have to sell these services for only $5. To counter this problem Fiverr came with new idea ‘’Fiverr Levels System”. For more information read our Fiverr Guide. These “Fiverr levels” has given them more chance to expand their business on Fiverr.

Introduction to Fiverr Levels

Fiverr introduced its “Fiverr levels system” in Jan 2012. There are three different levels of Fiverr i.e. Level 1, Level 2 and top rated seller. There are different criteria and parameters to reach to these levels and if you reach a particular Fiverr level then you will get access to different money making tools. 

Let’s discuss these Fiverr levels one by one:

Level 1

If you want to reach level 1 then you have to sell just 10 products and it should not include any negative ratings. So, before starting work on Fiverr you should take care on designing your gigs.

Once you reach to level 1 you will get access to many advanced tools and features which will help you to make money on Fiverr. 

In this level you can multiples as well as extras in your gig. Multiple means if anybody wants to buy your product then he can select more than one quantity while ordering the gigs. In extras you can add extra services costing in terms of $5 and the limit for extra services is only $20 for level 1.

Level 2

If you want to achieve level 2 you have to complete big target of selling 50 products in last two months and you should have good ratings as well as excellent track record. 

In this level you will get access to more advanced tools which will help to expand the business on fiverr and increase sale to make more money. Priority support will also provided to you if you reach this level 2. 

You will have level 2 badge and maximum limit to charge extra services is $40 in level 2.

Top Rated Seller 

This is the top level which every fiverr seller wants to achieve.  Top rated seller is selected manually by the editors of fiverr. Promotion or selection in this level is done based on various criteria or parameters like number of sales, high ratings, seniority, good customer care, leadership in community, etc. 

As a top rated seller you will get access to more premium features as well as tools along with VIP support which will help you to sell more products and make more money on Fiverr.

The extra facility is “Badge for top rated seller” and this will lead to sell more volume of sellers and get more orders to earn more money. 

It is surprising to hear that there are many sellers with few sales and negative ratings are promoted to top rated seller and some seller with thousands of sale didn’t get this level. So, it is mystery what exactly Fiverr sellers check before giving ‘top rated seller’ level to someone who is part of Fiverr business.

There are many innovative as well as intelligent people in Fiverr team which are continuously trying to improve Fiverr and make this platform more useful for sellers as well as buyers. 

In this way fiverr came with Fiverr Levels System to improve its business. With the help of this Fiverr levels it has become great place to make money online.

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Inspiration From Top Bloggers Blogging

Today many people are moving towards blogging as a good money making idea. So there are looking for some efficient tactics about how to start a blog. In this article I am providing you some top bloggers in the world who got success in this domain and there experience will definitely help you to be a successful blogger and earn money online.

Inspiration From Top Bloggers Blogging

1. Michael Arrington

Michael is one of my favorite blogger and I am really fond of his blogging style. In the beginning he started his career as a merger and acquisition lawyer on various tech deals in California.

One day he got interest in startup world and started his a tech blog site called where he introduced readers about various new startups, Tech companies and entrepreneurs around the world.

After that Techcrunch became one of the popular blog sites and huge number of people read his tech blogs. As a result it was acquired by $30 million by AOL. After that Michael started his own investment firm called CrunchFund and invested in various startups.

2. Pat Flynn

Pat is one of the most inspirational blogger in the world. After losing a job he struggled a lot to support his growing family.

He designed a website called ‘’ which helped him to track his performance with other projects and other online money making projects. He got massive traffic of readers for his contribution through this website.

Pat discloses his monthly income to readers to inspire them and arrange various industry conferences and try to give more time to his family.

3. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin was working in family run web development company and started writing blogs on SEO (Search engine Optimization) in 2004. He was also consulting small clients on SEO. After leaving his consulting business, Rand started developing SEO software and also educational resources on SEO.

His company generates the revenue of millions of dollars every month from this SEO software and subscription services.

4. Brian Clark

Brian Clark founded a website called ‘Copyblogger’. He started this website which is full of resource for entrepreneurs to be new copywriters, content marketers and it is full of contents.

This blog is known for creating killer content for web development with 100 k+ subscribers. Brian launched copyblogger media which launched various companies later. These software companies include Scribe, Premise, Synthesis, StudioPress, etc. The reason behind his success is his millions of reader and who bought various marketing software.

5. Andrew Sullivan

Andrew started his blog called ‘The Daily Dish’ in 2000. In the middle of 2003 he was receiving nearly 300000 daily unique visitors per month.

This year he left blogging on his other blogging site to work on his ‘The Daily Dish’ fulltime. The other blogging sites on which he was working were Time, The Atlantic and The Daily Beast.

In 2013, his blog was receiving revenue of $3,30,000 and charging an average of $20 per month as a subscription for his readers.

6. Darren Rowse

Darren is also an inspiring blogger who started blogging as a hobby. He started blogging on Olympic and photography as well. Then he started his blogging site called ‘ProBlogger’ to help other new bloggers.

Darren is presently a fulltime blogger and started making money online through different modes like advertising deals, Adsense, selling an e-book and affiliate marketing. Darren was part of Forbes internet celebrity list of 2007.

Darren is from Melbourne, Australia and is making bib money from his blogging business.

7. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Is from N w York, US and started a different video blog site called Wine Library TV which gives exclusive about Wine.

Gary has established a multi-million dollar empire with his business. He was two-time bestselling author and co founder of very large marketing media agency called vainer media. This marketing agency now works with lots of prominent brands in the world.

He has appeared in Time magazine, Wall Street Journal for his contribution in the blogging world.

8. Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin Is from America and he works as a lawyer, blogger, legal analyst and celebrity reporter. He has started a website called TMZ which is known for celebrity gossips. He has created his brand with the help of blogging on celebrity gossips.

Harvey hosts various TV shows and comes as guest on various TV programs on CNN, FOX and other TV channels.

9. Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is a life hacker who managed to get millions of followers online with his blogging. He is author of various bestselling books and one of them is ‘4 Hour Work Week’.

He is popular lecturer around the globe and published the idea of ‘lifestyle design’ with living an unconditional life.

10. Timothy Skies

Timothy Skies started blogging online to tell readers how he turned his $12000 into $1 million dollar.  He became authority of Penny Stock Trading.

His blogs got the popularity and managed to have millions of visitors and so he started additional companies like to guide traders on trader strategies.

I hope these people will really motivate you to start a blog as a money making idea and to be a successful blogger. Stay tuned with INCISIVEA for more updates on blogging.

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Exciting Ways to Make Money Online Even You are Asleep

In this era of internet more and more people are using internet for various purposes and looking for different opportunities to make money online. There are different ways to make money online available today and they are very easy. You can earn healthy money if you utilize your time as well as brain properly.

Exciting Ways to make money online even you are asleep

These ways will give you the opportunity to earn money even you are asleep and we are providing you some ways through this article. Here we are cautioning you because title of this article may mislead you. So you have to assume some things written below:

·  When we say that you can earn money when you are asleep it doesn't mean that it is lottery or jackpot.

·  You will not get lots of money by working for a single day or night.

·  Nothing said in this article is illegal as anyone thinks that one can earn money even he is asleep only when it is illegal.

·  You should have good knowledge of English and internet as well.

·  Money is not going to come in weeks or months. It can take years also. After all everything depends on your performance.

After reading above points I hope you are understood why the title is ‘’ Exciting Ways to make money online even you are asleep”. This is true but finally it depends on your efforts and performance.

Before you start to make money online you have to toil day and night to build a system which will give you to earn money even you are asleep. That system should be strong enough to provide you the revenue day and night.

Now we are providing you different ways to make money online. First we divide these ways to make money online into two broad categories viz. offline and online. They are discussed below:

Offline Ways

First of all we are providing you offline ways to make money online even you are asleep. Offline ways can be used by anyone and the knowledge of computer or internet is not mandatory. So any person with any background can use this technique to earn money.

Here are some offline ways given below:

1) Buying and selling of stocks for long term trading

One of the popular ways to make money online even you are asleep is ‘stock trading’. It is very easy and not risky as well.

You can buy a stock and you can sell it at any moment. When price of that stock goes up, you should sell that stock at that very moment.

Suppose you have bought a stock for Rs.100000 and wait for say one year and after that if stock price rises then you can sell that stock for 160000 or even 180000. In this way you can earn money without any extra work. Just you have to wait for right moment.

2) Giving money as a loan to someone and charge interest rate after return

All of us are very much familiar with this idea and some of you may be using this. But it is also one of the best ways to make money even you are asleep. If someone comes to you and asking for a loan of Rs 50000 then you can earn money by charging interest rate of 10% to 15% on return.

In this way you can earn nearly Rs 15000 for one transaction and if you do multiple transactions then you can earn extra money.

The other way is you can keep your money by keeping it in fixed deposit account and you can earn nearly 8% interest rate depending upon the period and other factors.

3) Buy Lottery tickets on daily basis and wait for your lucky number

It is one of the common ways to make money and used by millions of people on daily basis. We are not misguiding you to become a gambler but it is also a way available to make money without doing anything.

In this case all your earnings depend on luck and you can earn crores if you are lucky enough. But the possibility of losing small money exists.

The lottery tickets ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500 are available in the market and try to buy government sponsored lottery tickets. They will display the result and you can earn money if you get that lucky number.

4) Give your home or shop on lease or rent

This way is used very widely and one can easily give his home or shop on rent or lease. But it is not possible for all, as you should have an extra house or shop.

Giving house or shop on rent is the easiest way to make money even you are asleep and can collect money from that needy person on daily basis.

If you have the shop or house in big cities like Mumbai or Delhi then you can contact a real estate agent to help you to get the desired person who will be ready to have your property on rent. In this way you can earn money without doing any hardwork.

Online Ways

Now we consider some online ways to make money online. The online ways are more popular as well as easier than offline ways. Just you have to prepare a program or software here and which will be able to work automatically and you can make money online even you are sleeping. But online ways requires more intelligence and obviously knowledge of computer and internet. Let’s understand some of the popular ways to make money online.

1) Create a blog and selling of affiliate products

It is the way which is used abundantly to make money online. You can create a blog and after participating in one of the affiliate marketing program you can sell affiliate products and can earn easy money. Through this way you have to guide people to buy particular type of product to which you are affiliated.

You can create a blog related with few topics like technology, education, finance, business, etc. Then you can sell various products related with the area of your blog. Our Incisivea Team are also working on this platform and promoting blogging.

Once you are created various blogs and become popular number of people will visit your blog and they can buy the affiliated products repeatedly. In this way you can earn easy money without doing much and even you are asleep. Promoting affiliate product can be useful to make money online.

2) Write an eBook and sell number of copies online

This way is being popular especially in book lovers and writers. The e-commerce giant site like Flipkart started their business as eBook seller and now it has reached great height. From this example you will be came to know the potential of this way to make money online.

If you are passionate about writing a book on a spicy topic then don’t worry of publisher you can write your book in eBook format and can sell it online without publishing its hard copy.

You can write your eBook having 300 to 400 pages and can sell it at a cost of $10 to $20. The website like ClickBank provides the facility to sell such eBooks. In this way you can earn money online even you are asleep.

3) Install AutoResponder, collect email list automatically and sell products online

If you have a blog or a website and large traffic coming on it per day then you can install AutoResponder. AutoResponder is well known software for internet users and you have to pay as a monthly subscription for it for installation.

This money is very less as compared to returns you get after installing it. AutoResponder helps you to track people who are visiting your blog and gives you email addresses.

You can get list up to 500000 and after that you can sell the products by sending email on this email addresses. In this way you can make money online.

4) Create a software or web application and charge fees for monthly subscription

Emerging of WhatsApp is one of the popular examples of this way to make money online. It is an opportunity for excellent coders who are interested in developing an innovative web application or software. If you have in depth knowledge of internet then you can grab this opportunity and make an easy money even you are asleep.

If you software or web application is amazing and has the potential to solve the problem of internet users then you can earn lots of money instantly.

You can charge monthly subscription fees for your application and can earn money in very short time.

5) Create a website to get heavy traffic and sell products

If you are able to become a potential blogger and get successful in attracting huge amount of traffic in your website then you can earn lots of money be selling various products to your visitors.

A popular website can be sold to even $100000 and you can earn money online on large scale in very short time.

6) Place advertisements on right  website and get paid

You can place ads if your blogs have huge traffic. You will get these ads on Google Adsense and other ads network website.

You will be paid of one click on your ads. More the number of clicks more will be the money and everything depends on the traffic received on your website or blog. In this way you can make money even you are sleeping.

I hope all these ways to make money online will help you to earn money even you are sleeping.

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A New Way to Sell Old Products- Quikr and OLX

Today everyone has heard about OLX as well as Quikr. People use these sites to sell their old products at best prices. If a person has used car, bike, mobile phone, computer, furniture, etc. can sell these products on Quikr and OLX at a good rate. We can say that Quikr as well as OLX are Indian counterpart of Craigslist. These sites are more popular than Craigslist in India and thousands of people are selling as well as buying many products on Quikr and OLX.

A New Way to sell old products- Quikr and OLX

Before few days there were no OLX or Quikr and people preferred to sell used items directly. Now a person can get large quantity of products they are looking for on OLX or Quikr and people can get more money by selling their products on these websites than selling then directly.  

Why OLX?

Everyone who wants to sell or buy products on OLX should know about its features. Following features of OLX made this site one of the best platform to sell old products: 

1) Colorful ads: The ads on OLX are very vivid and colorful consisting of pictures as well as videos. One can see actual appearance of product with the help of these pictures. If someone wants to sell old or used car the omega will show the same car not the image of a new one.

2) Full control on ads: A person gets facility to control his ads fully and also he can manage his community with My OLX.

3) Social Media Interface: One of the important feature of OLX is its interface with social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc. and you can publish your ads on these sites.

4) Accessibility: OLX is accessible to mobile users also and these mobile users can sell or buy the used items on this site.

5) Language: OLX is available in more than 40 languages and hence almost everyone can post their ads and see ads on OLX.

Decide which is the best Direct selling or Sell products through OLX or Quikr? 

Now you have to take decision about which way is to be preferred to sell or buy your old products whether to sell it directly or use OLX or Quikr. This article is written in favor of these free sites but there are some points which make direct selling useful in some cases. Then let’s discuss about those situations in which direct selling is more beneficial as compared to OLX or Quikr. There are some items like car, jewelry, and some other expensive items that can be sold directly instead of OLX or Quikr.

If your friend knows a customer who wants to buy your used products and if you think that you can get best price for your product then you should sell your product directly and in this case there is no need of OLX or Quikr. But direct selling is not popular because the person who wants to sell products directly don’t know the market price of that product, but OLX helps him to know the market price.

How to sell products on OLX or Quikr?

Selling products on OLX or Quikr is very easy and anyone can use this sites. Selling of product is an art and the products like mobile phone, baby cart, etc. is also an art as they are used items. 

First of all you have to register on OLX by creating the account and this is very easy process. After that you can start selling items on this free site. While selling on this website you have to take care of few things in mind. 

First thing is to create attractive ads. Your ads must be great so that more and more people should be attracted towards your product. Another important factor is you are selling used product and you have to make best out of it. 

The general reason of people behind selling products on OLX is they get nearly half price of the product they bought. If one wants to sell a car worth Rs. 500000, they he will get 250000 or 275000 from it on OLX. 

So, you have to create innovative ads and make these ads more attractive so that more and more people get attracted. Your title should also be attractive.

If you are selling a used car then you should design a title which is different than any other ads and also OLX search engine must bring you on top priority of its search results.

The most important feature of posting ads on OLX is no word limit. So OLX gives you enough space to present your ideas. You can describe toy product fully by giving the information fully and try to highlight the important things and make this ads more attractive. You have to keep marketing approach while posting ads.

Tell the customers about present condition of product and latest images of that product. While uploading photos a care must be taken about the quality of photos and so the images must be taken with good camera. The images must look good so that people will definitely see those images. While capturing the images a care must be taken about light, background, etc.

One you are done with your ads then you have to promote it. So, use social media like Facebook, Twitter to spread these ads and reach to number of people. Also you should be honest about your product and don’t lie.

How to get best from OLX?

Now we consider how to get best by selling products on OLX i.e. making more money. After all this is an art to sell this product and earn more money. You have to keep pricing very reasonable.

You should prefer hard cash for cheap items, but if you are selling a car then you should do bank transactions.

Also Social media sites like Facebook has enormous potential and you should use these sites to promote your ads so that you will reach more and more people. Finally tell people to promote your product in public.

Tips For online Business on Quikr or OLX

We provide you some tips to sell your items on Quikr or OLX.

1) Always think of selling product directly or on OLX. If you think that you can get more money on OLX then go for it.

2) You must take your own time to create your attractive ads.

3) You ads must look good and so images and photos must be of good quality.

4)Before putting price of that product on ads, check the market price and then set your price on OLX.

5) OLX is best site for selling electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers and even cars.

6)There is no contract here and hence the customer can decide not to buy your product later.

7)Don’t force any customers to buy your product at any stage.

8)If there is lot of competition then don’t post your ads and wait for good opportunity.

In this way one can make big money online using selling their items on OLX or Quikr with the help of posting great ads.

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