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How to Become Full time Fiverr Sellers

All of us are familiar with Fiverr and its $5 idea. Today Fiverr has shown that it has big potential to make money online and sell various products as well as services at $5. According to my analysis, in last one year many people has taken Fiverr as full time business and become full time Fiverr seller. 

Today more than 14% of fiverr sellers are working full time on Fiverr and making big money online. There are more than 1, 00,000 Fiverr sellers and so more than 14,000 are full time Fiverr sellers.

Importance of Fiverr Level System to earn money online on Fiverr

Fiverr is getting very popular day by day because of its new and amazing idea of $5 for internet users. Fiverr has given huge platform for common people to sell their cheap products as they can’t afford costly ways. 

Before few days most of the market share was captured by big companies and they were selling the products at a high price to the clients and so there was no chance to the common skilled people due to lack of investment. But Fiverr has provided an innovative idea to these small business players to sell their products at $5. 

When Fiverr came to this online market it has given big opportunity to small businesses to sell their products and show their talent and compete with bigger ones. Also people with lower budget can buy various products at a very lower rate i.e. $5.

The two most important things which made Fiverr popular and successful are its idea “buy anything at $5” and its “rating system”. The rating system gives idea to the people about genuine service provider and also service provider with high ratings get more orders. 

But there was one problem raised while dealing on Fiverr. If a particular task is very time consuming even though they have to sell these services for only $5. To counter this problem Fiverr came with new idea ‘’Fiverr Levels System”. For more information read our Fiverr Guide. These “Fiverr levels” has given them more chance to expand their business on Fiverr.

Introduction to Fiverr Levels

Fiverr introduced its “Fiverr levels system” in Jan 2012. There are three different levels of Fiverr i.e. Level 1, Level 2 and top rated seller. There are different criteria and parameters to reach to these levels and if you reach a particular Fiverr level then you will get access to different money making tools. 

Let’s discuss these Fiverr levels one by one:

Level 1

If you want to reach level 1 then you have to sell just 10 products and it should not include any negative ratings. So, before starting work on Fiverr you should take care on designing your gigs.

Once you reach to level 1 you will get access to many advanced tools and features which will help you to make money on Fiverr. 

In this level you can multiples as well as extras in your gig. Multiple means if anybody wants to buy your product then he can select more than one quantity while ordering the gigs. In extras you can add extra services costing in terms of $5 and the limit for extra services is only $20 for level 1.

Level 2

If you want to achieve level 2 you have to complete big target of selling 50 products in last two months and you should have good ratings as well as excellent track record. 

In this level you will get access to more advanced tools which will help to expand the business on fiverr and increase sale to make more money. Priority support will also provided to you if you reach this level 2. 

You will have level 2 badge and maximum limit to charge extra services is $40 in level 2.

Top Rated Seller 

This is the top level which every fiverr seller wants to achieve.  Top rated seller is selected manually by the editors of fiverr. Promotion or selection in this level is done based on various criteria or parameters like number of sales, high ratings, seniority, good customer care, leadership in community, etc. 

As a top rated seller you will get access to more premium features as well as tools along with VIP support which will help you to sell more products and make more money on Fiverr.

The extra facility is “Badge for top rated seller” and this will lead to sell more volume of sellers and get more orders to earn more money. 

It is surprising to hear that there are many sellers with few sales and negative ratings are promoted to top rated seller and some seller with thousands of sale didn’t get this level. So, it is mystery what exactly Fiverr sellers check before giving ‘top rated seller’ level to someone who is part of Fiverr business.

There are many innovative as well as intelligent people in Fiverr team which are continuously trying to improve Fiverr and make this platform more useful for sellers as well as buyers. 

In this way fiverr came with Fiverr Levels System to improve its business. With the help of this Fiverr levels it has become great place to make money online.

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Fiverr- How to Make Money

Fiverr is one of good source for making money from home. Many people are talking about Fiverr now a day. Lots of people have made good income from Fiverr and continuously doing. So how people are making money on Fiverr? Before discussing over this you need to understand exactly what is Fiverr?

Fiverr is place where you can buy or sell single service only for $5. Service depends on your skills. Now you have to decide what you are willing to sell only for $5. Fiverr has grown with rapid rate in last two years and near about a complete marketplace. Even it is one of the biggest marketplaces where experienced professionals are joining and offering their service only for $5.

So how people are making Money on Fiverr?


For making money on Fiverr you would have some good skill. If you do not have such one, then acquire one that you could sell on Fiverr. Remember one thing your service, somewhat has to be cheaper than real market price.

Fiverr How to Make Money

One of Indian seller on Fiverr is telling that how to make money on Fiverr and how to earn money on Fiverr. Check out the listing of this person, his 22 orders in queue and 100% rating.

Let's take another example. He is top seller on Fiverr and has done more than 3500+ orders without having a single negative rating. Gig is so simple compare to above one. As he is doing it manually, it takes 4 days of time. 

Fiverr How to Make Money

Actually it won’t take more than 30 minutes to submit a site to 20 social bookmarking sites. So you can notice how people are earning money on Fiverr.  Initially it may take more time for First order. Once you get some good rating, you'll find your inbox full of orders.

So how could you make money on Fiverr?

In order to start earning from Fiverr you have to follow these steps.

- Join Fiverr
- Create your first Gig by clicking on 'Start Selling" link.
- You will find the 14 different categories.
- Select one of these categories.
- If you are not comfortable with given categories then select "Other'
- Click on 'Create New Gig' Tab
- Then you need to provide title, category description, keyword tags, some instruction to buyers, and description about the service, delivery time and suitable image regarding Gig.
- Now click on 'Save' button.

You have done all the process regarding to create a brand new Gig. It is ready to be shown in Fiverr Marketplace.

You could make difference by your work and tricks; which is usually done by Top Sellers on Fiverrs. Trick is, you have to tell buyers that your service is unique, cheaper and best others and others can’t do this.

Before working on Fiverr, please go through our Fiverr Guide. This Guide will also help you to clear out many doubts regarding Fiverr and you will also get some tips and tricks.

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Fiverr Clone Top Sites Like Fiverr Which will Help to Double the Income

Many people are buying as well as selling number of products on Fiverr.  We are also part of fiverr network and in contact with many Fiverr sellers. People are also eager to know about other Fiverr clone sites. 

These sites may not be useful for those people who are already making big money online on Fiverr. But these Fiverr clone sites can be proved to be very promising for those people who could not earned expected money on fiverr. They became part of Fiverr and created gigs but did not got orders and hence these Fiverr Clone sites can help them to earn money online. Some of these people searched for other Fiverr Alternative sites which are called as Fiverr Clone and earned lots of money.

If you are one of those people who could not earned with Fiverr then we are presenting you top Fiverr like sites which are Fiverr Alternatives and this will definitely help you to earn money. You will get tremendous quantity of opportunities on these Fiverr like sites.

Fiverr Clone Top sites like Fiverr which will help to double the income

Popular Fiverr clone Sites

Many people thought of witnessing huge success on fiverr. Everyone thought that making business on fiverr is just selling all products at $5. So within short time many people created their Fiverr like sites. Some of these sites gained huge popularity and some of them failed to generate from their business due to some intense reasons. Keeping these people into our consideration we are discussing about top Fiverr like sites which are called as Fiverr clone sites and they will help these people to earn money. Here we are providing you Fiverr clone sites with Description, Alexa Rank and Page rank and this will help you to differentiate between these top sites and select one site which will be suitable for their business.

(1) SEO Clerks

Presently this site is one of the strongest Fiverr competitor containing more than 32000 gigs and all of these gigs are related SEO only. Alexa Rank of this site is 3398 and Page rank is 4.

(2) Gig Bucks

This site has the facility to create gigs of $5 to $50 and thousands of gigs. It charges 20% of from seller. Alexa Rank is 10291 and Page rank is 4.

(3) Fourerr

This site is growing very rapidly and its features are similar as that of Fiverr as it provides services for $4 only. It charges $0.8 for creating each gig with no other charges. Alexa Rank is 26113 and Page rank is 3.

(4) Geniuzz

It is Spanish site which provides facility to create many gigs and we can create job from 5 to 500. Alexa rank of this site is 38396 and Page rank is 2.

(5) Micro Workers

It is one of the best Fiverr like sites and it gives the facility to earn money by completing micro jobs online. Alexa rank of this site is 6352 and page rank is 4.

(6) Five Squids

This website is dedicated to only UK people and has features similar to that of Fiverr. As products are sold at $5 on Fiverr, in the similar manner products are sold at £5 on Squids. Alexa rank of this site is 45180 and page rank is 3.

(7) TenBux

TenBux has levels 1,2,3 as that of present in Fiverr. You have to pay 15% and 10% commission at levels two and three respectively on Tenbux. Alexa rank of TenBux is 68280 and page rank is 3.

(8) Fivers World

The gigs created on Fivers World ranges from $5 to $25 and everything on this website is related to SEO as well as website traffic. The Alexa Rank of this site is 96950 and page rank is 2.

(9) Redlr

The important feature of Redlr is it contains very few SEO related gigs and all kinds of services are provided on this site and this make this site more useful to sell any services. The Alexa rank of Redlr is 141343 and page rank is 3.

(10) Goferr

Features of Goferr are very similar as that of Fiverr. Goferr has gigs from a particular country which are not present in Fiverr. The Alexa rank of Goferr is 153805 and page rank is 2.

(11) Dollar3

On Dollar3, all jobs are priced at $5,$3,$6,$9,$12,$15,$27,$45 or $90. The Alexa rank of Dollar3 is 180477 and page rank is 3.

(12) Task Army

Task Army in one of the best Fiverr Alternative where one can love to sell and buy various products and run by Aymeric Gaurat Apelli. The Alexa rank of Task Army is 165531 and page rank is 3.

(13) Tenrr

You can sell products as well as services upto $10 on Tenrr and it charges nothing to sell any products on this website. It gives the facility to communicate directly with buyers. The Alexa rank of Tenrr is 130513 and page rank is 1.

(14) Gigme5

This is also Fiverr Alternative site which provides services for $5. Gigme5 has Alexa Rank 196721 and page rank is 3.

(15) Justafive

Justafive gives the facility to create jobs of $5, $10 or $20. Justafive provides easy filtering of products based on prices. The Alexa rank of Justafive is 196557 and page rank is 2.

(16) Fitty Town

Fitty Town has all its products for $50. A person can earn $1500 per month with a single job on a day. Fitty Town has Alexa rank as 241345 and page rank is 3.

(17) Gig Blasters

Gig Blasters provides facility to sell or buy products for $5 to $500 as per your need. The Alexa rank of Gig Blasters is 361606 and page rank is 1.

(18) IMGiGz

IMGiGz provides facility to sell as well as buy wide range of internet marketing services. The Alexa rank of IMGiGz is 376007 and page rank is 1.

(19) TwentyVille

The website TwentyVille is managed and owned by same people who owned it. This is the place for $10 and $20 jobs. The Alexa Rank of TwntyVille is 478311 and page rank is 3.

(20) Tenyt

Tenyt is amazing freelance marketplace. Services provided on Tenyt are called as twigs. The price of each twig is constant i.e. $10. The Alexa Rank Of Tenyt is 498900 and page rank is 2.

(21) Net Tradr

You can buy and sell gigs of digital as well as internet skills on Net Tradr. These products and services can be sold at $2, $5, $10, $15, $20, $50 and $100. The Alexa rank of Net Tradr is 575813 and page rank is 2.

(22) FiverUp

If price of your product is more than $100 or $1000 then FiverUp can prove to be good Fiverr alternative. The services upto $10000 can be sold on FiverUp. The Alexa rank of FiverUp is 305110 and page rank is 1.

(23) OutSourcerr

OutSourcerr is a Fiverr alternative on which one can sell products or services at $27, $47 and $77. The Alexa rank of OutSourcerr is 466591 and page rank is 1.

(24) Bounty It

Bounty It is a Fiverr clone site which provides platform to Bounty hunters to earn money as a research project. The Alexa Rank of BountyIt is 892002 and page rank is 3.

(25) Poplestox

PopleStox is a Fiverr Clone which provides platform for investors to invest in innovative experience of talented individual. The Alexa rank of PopleStox is 858465 and page rank is 1.

(26) One Dollar Gigs

As its name suggests One Dollar Gigs provides facility to sell or buy products from $1 upto $5. The Alexa rank of One Dollar Gigs is 928108 and page rank is 3.

(27) Five Bucks Deals

Five Bucks Deals is similar as that of Fiverr. It can prove to be Fiverr Alternative as it provides facility to do anything and get various things done only for $5. The Alexa rank of Five Bucks Deals is 828427 and page rank is 2.

I hope all these Fiverr alternative sites will help you to make money online. If you are already working with any of these Fiverr clone sites then share your experience with us.

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Introduction of new Live portfolio by Fiverr

Since few days some of the team members of Fiverr are working very hard to launch a new exiting feature and finally they have launched that new featured. This new feature will be called as ‘Live Portfolio’ and it will be beneficial for selling more products on Fiverr for Fiverr sellers and also it will help customers to buy quality products as well as services on fiverr.

Introduction to Live Portfolio

A seller can provide showcase of all his work in this portfolio and due to this portfolio, buyers will be able to know about what seller is doing on Fiverr and what they are going to receive i.e. actual service from Fiverr after ordering a particular type of gig. The seller on Fiverr can present either the sample of his work or the actual service provided to the customers with the help of this live portfolio. Live portfolio provides clear view of that product to the customers and this will help customers to decide whether this seller is suitable for his expectations or not.

Introduction to Live Portfolio BY FIVERR

How Live portfolio is added in Fiverr?

The Live portfolio provides you enough chance to impress your customers. Adding Live portfolio in fiverr is very simple task. While creating a gig add as many number of samples as well as  actual work details. For more preciseness add images and videos of proper format. This will give bigger and detail view of Live portfolio and it will help in impressing your customers with your work.

While presenting the work of seller the seller can choose any file of his delivered work in his portfolio. You can select or choose one file for the portfolio if you have more number of files. If you think that any part of work is private or you can’t include it in the portfolio and there is no need to know these things to customers, then there is a facility to remove that contents any time from your live portfolio.

This new portfolio gives the facility for customers to post their feedback on the product or service they have received along with the images of work that must be included by the sellers and also expectations of customers. This will help other new buyers know what previous buyers received and also the expectations of the customers. This will give more information to that customer about that product and this will definitely help him to choose the product on Fiverr.

Fiverr has introduced many more attractive features to make this online business more reliable and beneficial other than Live portfolio. So a big opportunity is waiting for you. Don’t waste time and go for increasing your business on Fiverr. If you are already a Fiverr user then go and create your Live portfolio smartly and sell more and more products by impressing them. And if you are not the fiverr user then create free Fiverr account and prepare your unique live portfolio and sell some services. This new exciting feature give you added advantage to make money online with Fiverr.

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Make Money on Fiverr - a Simple Guide

When Fiverr was launched few years ago it has come with an idea of selling your service for only $5. At that moment lots of internet experts were laughing at this idea and they ruled out the possibility of surviving such services in the market and commented that it will not be able to make any money in this competitive market. These experts added that Fiverr will get some failure professionals to join their $5 idea, but they will not get any good professionals to back their $5 dollar concept.

But within two years,  Fiverr changed the approach of online business and became one of the most promising outsourcing platform for getting various services done at only $5. In this period it has managed to grab 1 million services in this marketplace.

How to Make Money on Fiverr  

It was a big question for some experts as well as sellers how to make money on Fiverr and how much money they can make from Fiverr if they become part of Fiverr. How many $5 services or ‘gigs’ they can complete in one day. How some people who are already selling these products for 20$ to $50 can make money on Fiverr. All the people got the answers of their questions when they started with their business on fiverr. They got extraordinary response from people and sold lots of services with this $5 concept and made money on Fiverr. With this experience they started focusing on Fiverr only.  
One of the professional logo designer ‘blue89red’ got 3000 orders on fiverr of single gig. Each of this order was of $5.Every seller can create up to twenty gigs. 

Another seller who was expert in search engine optimization sold his services on Fiverr. He has got orders of 349 plus and each was of $5. He nas already completed 10000 gigs. That seller is making big money on fiverr with the help of this $5 concept. Apart from this services there are tremendous varieties of services are available on fiverr at this small price $5. Some of them provide services like  professionals signature, business card, song composition and instrumental, project autocad, video spokesperson, trademark og business or product, Christmas ornament, professional voice, memorable banner, ad copy, video, animation, etc.

Once toy become part of this online business you will come to know that there are lots of sellers who are earning more money on their product than above mentioned sellers. From these sellers you will realize potential of selling products on fiverr. Some of these people are providing these services on their own and some are hiring employees or through automatic process of software to provide these services to clients. After all large numbers of people are making Money on fiverr. You have to just search for your unique, innovative and quality service and after finding it you can make similar or more money on fiverr. Now do some research and learn some tactics of doing business on Fiverr and make big money on fiverr.

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