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Becoming an Engineering Manager

In an interview with a senior engineering manager, he told me one of his experiences. He told me that he has forgotten the pleasure of working with extremely talented engineers. He has asked some of them to leap into the company management. 

engineering manager

Nine Best IT Jobs Profiles For 2015

Keeping aside all types of manufacturing and core sectors, global IT sector is growing very rapidly and recording double digit growth consistently. IT companies are providing huge job market in the past few years.  These jobs include various job profiles like software developer, mobile developer, project manager, network engineer, data scientist, etc.
top it jobs 2015

Income Tax Calculator to check your Income Tax Return

Every registered professional pays income tax return according to his/her annual income from all sources and Income tax Department guidelines. In every fiscal, every professional from both government sector and private sector tries to get idea about his/her income tax return. In this article I am providing you income tax calculator based on latest union budget changes which will be helpful for all government as well as private sectors employees to find their income tax return.

Everything about Crowdfunding and Crowdfunding Websites

In earliest time to raise funds for your dream project or lifelong project was quite difficult. No matter, how much talent you have. In addition to that, it was very difficult to brought sponsorship to your dream project if you were from remote part of world. Because of that, lots of dreams was only dreams, no reality had developed from them. However, these things changed a lot in today's world only because of Crowdfunding. 

Top Free Job Alert Sites in India

Today use of internet is increasing very fast. More and more people are accessing internet and doing their work online. Today’s youth has a very big problem of unemployment and due to low growth in industrial area; the rate of job creation is also less. 

So, competition is increasing very fast to grab those few jobs. Nowadays almost every private and government organization has their official website and publishing vacancies in their organization on their website. So, many sites in India are providing common platform to these jobs and publishing free job alert on their site for job seekers.

Inspiration From Top Bloggers Blogging

Today many people are moving towards blogging as a good money making idea. So there are looking for some efficient tactics about how to start a blog. In this article I am providing you some top bloggers in the world who got success in this domain and there experience will definitely help you to be a successful blogger and earn money online.

Inspiration From Top Bloggers Blogging

1. Michael Arrington

Michael is one of my favorite blogger and I am really fond of his blogging style. In the beginning he started his career as a merger and acquisition lawyer on various tech deals in California.

One day he got interest in startup world and started his a tech blog site called where he introduced readers about various new startups, Tech companies and entrepreneurs around the world.

After that Techcrunch became one of the popular blog sites and huge number of people read his tech blogs. As a result it was acquired by $30 million by AOL. After that Michael started his own investment firm called CrunchFund and invested in various startups.

2. Pat Flynn

Pat is one of the most inspirational blogger in the world. After losing a job he struggled a lot to support his growing family.

He designed a website called ‘’ which helped him to track his performance with other projects and other online money making projects. He got massive traffic of readers for his contribution through this website.

Pat discloses his monthly income to readers to inspire them and arrange various industry conferences and try to give more time to his family.

3. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin was working in family run web development company and started writing blogs on SEO (Search engine Optimization) in 2004. He was also consulting small clients on SEO. After leaving his consulting business, Rand started developing SEO software and also educational resources on SEO.

His company generates the revenue of millions of dollars every month from this SEO software and subscription services.

4. Brian Clark

Brian Clark founded a website called ‘Copyblogger’. He started this website which is full of resource for entrepreneurs to be new copywriters, content marketers and it is full of contents.

This blog is known for creating killer content for web development with 100 k+ subscribers. Brian launched copyblogger media which launched various companies later. These software companies include Scribe, Premise, Synthesis, StudioPress, etc. The reason behind his success is his millions of reader and who bought various marketing software.

5. Andrew Sullivan

Andrew started his blog called ‘The Daily Dish’ in 2000. In the middle of 2003 he was receiving nearly 300000 daily unique visitors per month.

This year he left blogging on his other blogging site to work on his ‘The Daily Dish’ fulltime. The other blogging sites on which he was working were Time, The Atlantic and The Daily Beast.

In 2013, his blog was receiving revenue of $3,30,000 and charging an average of $20 per month as a subscription for his readers.

6. Darren Rowse

Darren is also an inspiring blogger who started blogging as a hobby. He started blogging on Olympic and photography as well. Then he started his blogging site called ‘ProBlogger’ to help other new bloggers.

Darren is presently a fulltime blogger and started making money online through different modes like advertising deals, Adsense, selling an e-book and affiliate marketing. Darren was part of Forbes internet celebrity list of 2007.

Darren is from Melbourne, Australia and is making bib money from his blogging business.

7. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Is from N w York, US and started a different video blog site called Wine Library TV which gives exclusive about Wine.

Gary has established a multi-million dollar empire with his business. He was two-time bestselling author and co founder of very large marketing media agency called vainer media. This marketing agency now works with lots of prominent brands in the world.

He has appeared in Time magazine, Wall Street Journal for his contribution in the blogging world.

8. Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin Is from America and he works as a lawyer, blogger, legal analyst and celebrity reporter. He has started a website called TMZ which is known for celebrity gossips. He has created his brand with the help of blogging on celebrity gossips.

Harvey hosts various TV shows and comes as guest on various TV programs on CNN, FOX and other TV channels.

9. Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is a life hacker who managed to get millions of followers online with his blogging. He is author of various bestselling books and one of them is ‘4 Hour Work Week’.

He is popular lecturer around the globe and published the idea of ‘lifestyle design’ with living an unconditional life.

10. Timothy Skies

Timothy Skies started blogging online to tell readers how he turned his $12000 into $1 million dollar.  He became authority of Penny Stock Trading.

His blogs got the popularity and managed to have millions of visitors and so he started additional companies like to guide traders on trader strategies.

I hope these people will really motivate you to start a blog as a money making idea and to be a successful blogger. Stay tuned with INCISIVEA for more updates on blogging.

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Much awaited CAT 2014 result date is Declared

Much awaited CAT 2014 result date is Declared

After a lot of speculation as well as  anxiety CAT 2014 result date is declared. Now CAT 2014 result will be declared on 27 December 2014. Dr. Rohit Kapoor, CAT Convener informed, "On 27th Dec, 2014 evening, we are going to release the results for the candidates. My best wishes for the candidates in advance".

Giving best wishes to all CAT 2014 takers and sharing with Convener of CAT 2014 and faculty of IIM Indore has informed that they are going to release the result of CAT 2014 for students on 27 Dec, 2014 in the evening. The dilemma of CAT 2014 result declaration and indefinite wait is over now and the result will be available on 27 Dec, 2014 evening.

In the beginning CAT team has given that Cat 2014 result was estimated to be announced in 3rd week of December. But even after end of that 3rdweek students were not aware of exact date of CAT 2014 result. But CAT 2014 Centre announced the exact date of result as 27 Dec 2014 and the anxiety of much awaited CAT result came to an end. This news will give sigh of relief to all those CAT 2014 Test takers who are waiting for the result expecting that result will be announced in the 3rd week of December.

Dr Rohit Kapoor who is Convener of CAT 2014 is struggling as well as toiling very hard to bring CAT 2014 result for students as early as possible. On Dec 15, 2014 he urged, “Please, give me two days. I will come back to you on the exact dates.” It was not come into reality because final checks going on. Most common reason behind delay in CAT 2014 result declaration is glitches in score normalization process in CAT 2014 result.

Dr Rohit Kapoor, Convener of CAT 2014 said worriedly on Dec 19, “I can’t help, I may not be able to share the exact date of result as of now as the final checks are still going on”. But on Dec 20 CAT Convener said positively that he will announce the exact date of CAT 2014 result on 22 Dec as all final activities will be completed in these one to two days. With the help of this information is conveying the news to all CAT test takers who are waiting since number of days for CAT 2014 result declaration.

However, it is confirmed that CAT 2014 result will be declared on Dec 27 2014 in the evening period and so no further agony of wait is required. The entire exercise of CAT 2014 result declaration is done for ensuring 100% transparency in this result process. CAT 2014 result was estimated to be announced in the 3rdweek of December, but due to technical glitches in the normalization of scores of CAT delayed this exercise by few days. CAT 2014 Convener Dr Rohit Kapoor was very clear in his words that they will announce the exact date of CAT 2014 result once they are they are done with this process ensuring transparency as well as fairness. The entire process is for providing 100% transparency as well as fairness  in the result without technical glitches.

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Latest Off Campus drives in Pune

The month of December brings lots of job opportunities in Pune especially for engineering graduates.These are various job opportunities in various IT MNC.

# Atos Hiring Freshers

The IT MNC Atos is conducting off campus drive in Pune on 7th December. This drive is for engineering graduates (BE/B TECH) from computer background and MCA 2013 and 2014 passed out students. Current Final Year students i.e. 2015 batch are not eligible to apply.

Off campus Venue: Pimpri Chinchwad College Of Enginnering Pune (PCCOE)
The students will be evaluated with a online test on 7th December at PCCOE. The interviews will be conducted at Atos office Hinjewadi.

The link for online registration is provided below. On the spot registration is also available due to less time.

Criteria: 55 % aggregate for computer /IT students

The candidate should join the company if selected by 22nd December.
Salary is 3.3 lakhs per annum  for BE/Btech. Salary for MCA students will be different.

Work Location:is Pune and Mumbai.

Test Date and timing: 7th December  at 8 a.m.

# L&T Infotech Hiring Fresher:

L&T infotech is conducting Off campus drive in Pune on 14,15 and 16 December for freshers.Engineers and non Engineers of 2014 batch are eligible for this drive. Only Non-engineers of 2015 batch are eligible.

 Engineers 2014 batch - BE,BTech,ME,Mtech,MCA
 Non- Engineers 2014 – MSC,MCS,MCM and  BSC,BCS,BCA,Diploma

Criteria: 60% aggregate for all students

The process includes
1) Online Test
2) Group Discussion
3) Paragraph writing
4)Technical and HR Interv

Salary offered: 3 lakh per annum
2 years of agreement will be applicable

Online registration deadline is  4:00 pm on 11 December 2014

For more information and online registration visit at

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