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Rule the world of Writing Prompts

Written  by Ajinkya Bangade


Writing on a meticulous topic in a particular way is known as “Writing prompts”. In schools, colleges, universities & other institution staff emphasize on how to create best writing prompts. The trend of writing prompts or creative writing prompts is increasing day by day because of the domination of the online world. The online world of blogging/websites polishes the skills of a writer and many writers came up in order to present their skills. 

Creative Writing - Important Myths and Facts, You Must Follow

Written by, Ajinkya Bangade

Any form of writing like fiction, poetry, nonfiction and more; which is written with creativity of mind called as creative writing. The purpose of creative writing is to express feelings, emotions or thoughts. There are two types of this:

1) Bad- No one wants to do this
2) Good

Everyone wants to write perfectly; but the question is how.

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