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Top Mistakes that Must be Avoided to be Successful in Online Job

If you are one of those who are failed in online jobs to make any money then this article is exclusively for you. I have written this article to help those people to be successful in online job. I have done detail analysis in all the areas of online job and tried to find out all possible reasons behind failure of people in online jobs.

Top mistakes in online job

Most of the people involved in online jobs fail to make any money have committed one or more of the following mistakes. If you read following points then you will be able to know those mistakes and correct them. 

To make money online from online job is not that much easy and so one can understand general reasons behind the failure in online job by reading this article.

1.     Considering online job as a jackpot in mind

The most important reason why almost everyone fails to make money online from online jobs is they consider these online jobs very easy and they think that they can earn big money from these jobs overnight without any serious efforts.

 Most of internet gurus and expert in online jobs claim that they have got success in online jobs very easily and making money online from these jobs is a cakewalk i.e. you can make money in very few days.

All these things make you feel excited and think that you can make money online overnight. But when you face the actual condition then you’d fail.

Hence it is wrong perception that making money on is very easy and it is like jackpot which will give you millions of money overnight. So every person who is interested in online job should not commit this mistake.

2.     Falling prey to the trap of Fraudster

This point is extension of previous point. Most of the people entering into online jobs market are new to the internet and so they are not familiar with frauds as well as scams in the internet. There are various examples of fake jobs which are promising quick money.

These people might disappear overnight. After buying their stuff like program, software, training manual, etc. you will come to know that they are no more useful for making any money online.

After that you will feel disappointed because you are already invested some money so you will prefer to quit this way. So never fall prey to such fraudulent jobs which will promise you to earn quick money.

3.     Choose right Online Job

The other important step is choosing of online job. There is variety of online jobs available in the market and you have to choose right job which will give you maximum benefits. You can’t do multiple jobs at a time as you are beginner.

People fail because they don’t know much about online jobs. For example they don’t know what to choose blogging or affiliate marketing as they don’t know the difference between blogging and affiliate marketing.

 I recommend you as a beginner you should start with blogging instead of affiliate marketing.

4.     Failure in creating a narrative to your blog

Generally online jobs are of either blogging or affiliate marketing. You have to create a narrative even you choose either blogging or affiliate marketing.  For this you should provide good contents in your writing so that more and more people love to read it.

Most of the people fail to provide quality contents and hence they become unsuccessful in making big money from their blogs or website. 

Hence to be successful in online job creating a narrative as well as quality contents are must.

5.     Lack of knowledge of SEO

Even after creating good contents and narrative bloggers fail because of lacking of knowledge of SEO. Promotion of your blog is important part of online job. For that you must have the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and other traffic generation methods.

For getting success in online job you should have big traffic on your blog/website. Getting big traffic on your blog is not that much easy and one has to learn SEO techniques along with blogging sites for attracting big traffic on your blog.

Failing to get traffic is one of the important reasons behind the failure in online jobs. So, one must have at least basic knowledge of SEO and other traffic generation techniques so that you will be able to attract more traffic on your blog.

6.     Assuming online job as simple and can be done part time

In the beginning most of the people think that online job is very simple and can be dome on part time basis by working only two to three days. But it can penalize them to fail in the online jobs. So every person interested in online job must take care of this point. 

So you should be ready to give your full time to online jobs so that more and more outcome will come and you become successful in your online job. You should give 10 to 12 hours to your online job and this will definitely five you big returns. If you are giving merely 3 to 4 hours then your chances of success are very less. 

Don’t choose online jobs to make money online if you don’t have the capacity to work for at least 10 hours in the beginning. You have to keep patience for at least six months along with working hard and then you can get big returns for long time.

7.     Online Jobs don’t have fixed formula

Most of the people fail because they don’t have any innovation. Online jobs are basically experimenting new things. You have to provide something new and spicy to your readers. 

There is no fixed formula for online jobs that will be followed sincerely and you will get success. You have to learn new things and implement them innovatively. You have to adapt to changes in demand on internet and you have to present new things effectively.

From the above points you will come to know the exact reason behind your failure and it will definitely help you to correct your mistakes and be successful.

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Why most Bloggers Fail?

Today due to increasing use of internet blogging has proved to be one of the promising ways to make money online. So, more and more people are moving towards blogging to earn money online. But my observation is that nearly 9 out of 10 bloggers fail to make money from blogging. 

Why most Bloggers Fail

There may be lots of reasons for their failure like they are not that much serious or they assume blogging as a cakewalk. I don’t consider myself a successful blogger but I want to share some important reasons why most of the bloggers fail to make money online.

With my 3+ years of experience in blogging I am providing you some important reasons behind the failure of 9 out of 10 bloggers. I hope this article will definitely help you to correct your mistakes and be a successful blogger.

Choosing a wrong topic

First important thing is topic of your blog. You have to decide the topic of your blog. 

You should choose the topic which is related with your job, area of interest or hobby. If you are a painter then you can’t write a good blog on technology. If your blog has the topic on your area of interest then you can write the blog with good contents and become a successful blogger. 

When I started blogging I followed top bloggers and also read their experiences. So started blogging on Part time Jobs online

In the beginning I came to know that blogging world has lots of competition and you have to create unique contents so that more and more people will get attracted towards blog. I was not interested in this topic and so even writing for 5 to 6 months I could not get any income from my blogs. 

After 6 months I realized my mistake and came to know that I am going in wrong direction. As I was part of affiliate marketing since two years I have enough experience of affiliate marketing so that I can write blogs on affiliate marketing. For more information visit Affiliate Marketing.

After writing few blogs on my experience in affiliate marketing I have received huge traffic on my blogs and became successful in making money regularly from my blogs on domain INCISIVEA.

Then I earned sufficient money regularly from my blogs in short period and wrote different blogs and lots of these are successful. 

So, choose a topic which is best and you can write on it without any problem. You can select any random topic and become successful.

Failure in Creating a Narrative

The other important thing about writing a blog is creating a narrative. People should be able to understand the story of your blog immediately after reading it. 

People should be able to understand the contents of your blog easily. If your blog conveys the message to the readers easily then your blog is successful. 

Most of the bloggers fail because they write in all directions and their blog lacks objectivity.

Creating Contents 

Content is an important factor while writing a blog. It should be informative and it should cover all the information for which the reader is looking for.

You should create the good contents regularly and it must be readable to all levels of readers.

You should have some research as well as experience on the topic on which you are writing a blog. Otherwise you will not be able to create a useful blog for your readers and you will fail. 

Most of the new bloggers don’t write their unique contents and try to copy or rewrite the contents of other bloggers.

A blogger should write the blog regularly. You must update your blog at least 2-3 times in a week. Most of the bloggers fail to collect spicy contents with a good title to it and hence you have to work very hard in this stage.

Search Engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important in blogging. Every blogger should have at least basic knowledge of SEO.

Most of the bloggers don’t have knowledge of SEO so they could not attract enough traffic on their blogs and so fail. I am not recommending being an expert in SEO, but at least basic knowledge is must to be a successful blogger.

You should know how to search keyword and include it into your contents so that more and more traffic comes on your blog and you will get success to make money online from your blog.
For getting high rank for your site keyword research is important and also proper back linking is must for your site.

If you are not working on SEO or fail to promote your blog then you will not be able to be successful in blogging.

Greed For money

If you are writing blogs in the greed of quick money then you will definitely fail to be a successful blogger.

Blogging is like a hobby and you should write according to your interest. You should have proper analysis on your blogging otherwise you will fail.

Never enter into blogging for making quick money. Blogging is long process and it will take long time to make money from blogging.

Restless and Impatience

Generally most of the bloggers are young so they are impatient about money and always look for quick money. I started earning money after 1 year since I started blogging.

So you should keep patience of at least one year if you consider blogging as income source. In this period you will have deep knowledge of blogging and once you are done with this you will be able to make money online from blogging.

In blogging, you will learn something new every day. If you have the ability to learn something new then only you can be successful in blogging.

Most of the bloggers fail in blogging because they quit blogging if they don’t earn any money in their first month of blogging.

So these are the reasons why most bloggers fail in their journey of blogging.

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Tips For Being Successful in Blogging

Blogging is very difficult task. May be for good writers it easy but having a good ability to write is not enough to be a successful writer. To be a successful blogger you have to work fulltime and work very hard. But still there are some people who work part time as a blogger and there are earning up to good extent.

Tips For Being Successful in Blogging

Generally it is very difficult to make big money online by working part time as a blogger, but you can be successful if you are serious enough.

Here I am providing you some important tips to be successful blogger by working online.

Choose the topic close to your Regular Job

While working as a blogger part time you should choose the topic of your blogging which is very close to your regular job. If you are a professor then you should write the blogs related with your teaching subject. It will save the time for arranging the reference material for your blogs writing. 

It won’t be acceptable to write a blog on an allied topic which is different from your profession. The top successful bloggers in the world have written their blogs on the topics related with their profession. For more information about those bloggers read our article ‘Inspiration From Top Bloggers’

If your topic is related with your job or hobby then you can write the blog in short time with good contents. So write a blog on a topic to which you are familiar.

Blog About Daily Life

To make money online from blogging you have to publish the blog which will be attractive and more and more visitors get attracted towards your website. Part time bloggers get very less time for blogging so I am recommending you that you should prefer to write the blogs about your daily life. This will help you to write your unique experience in your blogs in very short time with quality contents.

You can create a blog on your daily life and make it more interesting so that more and more people will like to read your blogs.

Always keep a Diary or Notepad with you

To be updated with good contents for your blogs always keep a diary or notepad with you. Keep noting the ideas in that notepad whenever new ideas come to your mind. 

Later on you can expand your ideas and write a complete blog with a suitable title. This will help you to write a good blog within very short time. Part time bloggers get very less time to collect the contents for his blog and think about the blog related issues.

You should have the habit to keep a diary as the idea can come to your mind any time and you can develop it later.

Learn Basic as well as easy Techniques to Implement SEO

To be successful blogger the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mandatory. SEO helps you to have big traffic on your blogs. So you should learn basic as well as easy techniques to implement SEO. SEO is very important in blogging to get the traffic. 

Learning SEO is must for part time bloggers. A deep knowledge is not required here but choosing right keyword and proper back linking is important to be a successful blogger.

Write Controversial Titles and Contents

As you are a part time blogger you will not be able to write the blogs regularly so to attract more traffic towards your blogs you have to write controversial titles and contents. 

These contents will be unique and different from other blogs so more and more people will visit your blogs and you will get desired output even working for a short time.

Use Social Media

In the world of blogging promotion is an important factor and after all your aim is to attract more and more traffic on your blogs. So effective use of social media is important to promote your blogs. 

You can use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to spread your blogs. You can start from the people in your friend list and also can create Fan Page to promote your blog. 

Social media is powerful for spreading your blogs and can be useful especially for part time bloggers. So you should learn using Facebbok, Twitter, etc.

Do not miss Sundays as well as Holidays

As you are a part time blogger, you will get very less time to write your blogs so optimum utilization of Sundays as well as Holidays is must to be a successful blogger. 

Due to work load of your job you will get very less time as compared to regular blogger so I recommend you not to miss any Sundays or Holidays and give the strong attempt.

The remaining time after writing the blogs should not be wasted and use this time to learn about SEO and try to get some more back links to your blog. 

As you are a part time blogger and wants to enter and survive in front of full time blogger you should follow all these tips and implement it in your work. It will help you guaranteed. In this way a part time blogger can make money online through this methodology. All part time blogger must read this blog to be a successful blogger.

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Inspiration From Top Bloggers Blogging

Today many people are moving towards blogging as a good money making idea. So there are looking for some efficient tactics about how to start a blog. In this article I am providing you some top bloggers in the world who got success in this domain and there experience will definitely help you to be a successful blogger and earn money online.

Inspiration From Top Bloggers Blogging

1. Michael Arrington

Michael is one of my favorite blogger and I am really fond of his blogging style. In the beginning he started his career as a merger and acquisition lawyer on various tech deals in California.

One day he got interest in startup world and started his a tech blog site called where he introduced readers about various new startups, Tech companies and entrepreneurs around the world.

After that Techcrunch became one of the popular blog sites and huge number of people read his tech blogs. As a result it was acquired by $30 million by AOL. After that Michael started his own investment firm called CrunchFund and invested in various startups.

2. Pat Flynn

Pat is one of the most inspirational blogger in the world. After losing a job he struggled a lot to support his growing family.

He designed a website called ‘’ which helped him to track his performance with other projects and other online money making projects. He got massive traffic of readers for his contribution through this website.

Pat discloses his monthly income to readers to inspire them and arrange various industry conferences and try to give more time to his family.

3. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin was working in family run web development company and started writing blogs on SEO (Search engine Optimization) in 2004. He was also consulting small clients on SEO. After leaving his consulting business, Rand started developing SEO software and also educational resources on SEO.

His company generates the revenue of millions of dollars every month from this SEO software and subscription services.

4. Brian Clark

Brian Clark founded a website called ‘Copyblogger’. He started this website which is full of resource for entrepreneurs to be new copywriters, content marketers and it is full of contents.

This blog is known for creating killer content for web development with 100 k+ subscribers. Brian launched copyblogger media which launched various companies later. These software companies include Scribe, Premise, Synthesis, StudioPress, etc. The reason behind his success is his millions of reader and who bought various marketing software.

5. Andrew Sullivan

Andrew started his blog called ‘The Daily Dish’ in 2000. In the middle of 2003 he was receiving nearly 300000 daily unique visitors per month.

This year he left blogging on his other blogging site to work on his ‘The Daily Dish’ fulltime. The other blogging sites on which he was working were Time, The Atlantic and The Daily Beast.

In 2013, his blog was receiving revenue of $3,30,000 and charging an average of $20 per month as a subscription for his readers.

6. Darren Rowse

Darren is also an inspiring blogger who started blogging as a hobby. He started blogging on Olympic and photography as well. Then he started his blogging site called ‘ProBlogger’ to help other new bloggers.

Darren is presently a fulltime blogger and started making money online through different modes like advertising deals, Adsense, selling an e-book and affiliate marketing. Darren was part of Forbes internet celebrity list of 2007.

Darren is from Melbourne, Australia and is making bib money from his blogging business.

7. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Is from N w York, US and started a different video blog site called Wine Library TV which gives exclusive about Wine.

Gary has established a multi-million dollar empire with his business. He was two-time bestselling author and co founder of very large marketing media agency called vainer media. This marketing agency now works with lots of prominent brands in the world.

He has appeared in Time magazine, Wall Street Journal for his contribution in the blogging world.

8. Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin Is from America and he works as a lawyer, blogger, legal analyst and celebrity reporter. He has started a website called TMZ which is known for celebrity gossips. He has created his brand with the help of blogging on celebrity gossips.

Harvey hosts various TV shows and comes as guest on various TV programs on CNN, FOX and other TV channels.

9. Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is a life hacker who managed to get millions of followers online with his blogging. He is author of various bestselling books and one of them is ‘4 Hour Work Week’.

He is popular lecturer around the globe and published the idea of ‘lifestyle design’ with living an unconditional life.

10. Timothy Skies

Timothy Skies started blogging online to tell readers how he turned his $12000 into $1 million dollar.  He became authority of Penny Stock Trading.

His blogs got the popularity and managed to have millions of visitors and so he started additional companies like to guide traders on trader strategies.

I hope these people will really motivate you to start a blog as a money making idea and to be a successful blogger. Stay tuned with INCISIVEA for more updates on blogging.

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Top Ways to Make Money from Blog

People used to search money making ideas about blogging; but they didn't get any proper answer about this. Here I mentioned that how could you make money from blog and top ways to make money from blog.

I don’t want to discuss any odd method which was used once in every thousand blogs. Let us discuss about some practical ways, which has followed by most of successful bloggers. If you are not aware about blogging then read here.

Top Ways to Make Money from Blog

Top Ways to Make Money from Blog

So you can go through each and every effective way to make money from blogging mentioned here.

(1) Google AdSense:

Here in this blog you will find lots of articles about Google Adsense. The articles are solely related to money making ideas of Google AdSense and how you can increase your Google AdSense revenue.
Furthermore Google AdSense is the most common way to make money from blogging. Near about 90% of blogger around globe used this network as this one of the most reliable and high paid ads network. It is very easy to place ads on our blog network through G-AdSense. To multiply your AdSense revenue to 500% one must know about AdSense money making secretes.

(2) Affiliate Network: 

Generally Affiliate marketing is the secondary choice of every blogger. Every blogger first optimize their blog for Google AdSense and further they work over affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is also one the best way to make money from blogging. You’ll find lots of peoples, who are making millions of dollar through affiliate marketing networks.

People who love internet marketing and have courage to do lots of handwork will definitely successful in this method. There are numerous affiliate programs available on internet. A right affiliate program and a right method to promote are the keys to be successful. Refer our Affiliate Marketing Guide.

(3) By Selling Blog Space to Advertisers:

If you have a genuine blog with lots of visitors then you can make money by selling your ads space to the advertisers. The websites like or help you to sell your ad space and make you able to get fixed monthly income through that. Furthermore, you can directly sell your ads space to advertisers by creating invitation page to your blog for advertisers. This deal may bring you more commission as there is no middleman in between.

(4)Selling Product:

Before discussing on this topic, it is an advice that selling product which is not related to your blog category may damage your blog reputation. You can sell your own thing like e-Book, physical products, etc. If you are writing about make money blogging then sell an eBook and if you are writing about health issues then sell out health related products.

(5) Membership Site:

Why do not you create a membership site if your blog have contents worth rupees thousands of dollar. This will definitely generate revenue for you. Many bloggers have used this method. Either they charge one time subscription fee or monthly subscription fee. The increasing number of subscribers increases your earning through that.

(6) Donation Button:

Persons who get benefit from your contents are likely to donate you for that. For that purpose you can implement a PayPal donation button to your blog. If you have not implemented any money earning program then do not hesitated to apply this method for your site. You are very much aware about the site Wikipedia, which is totally depends on donation only.

(7) Sponsored Review:

Many Advertisers want their product to be reviewed on top quality blogs. For that they are ready to pay hundreds of or even thousands of dollars for a good positive review. But be careful about misleading review; which may destroy your reputation.

(8) By Flipping Websites:

Flipping websites is something related to buying and selling them at 10-15 times the amount of its monthly income. Some website flippers make their own blog popular within short period and sell it. The sites like WebsiteBroker, Flippa and help you to apply for auction. And this is one of the trending businesses where you can turn your investment of $100 and some efforts to a $1000 to $10000. The amounts you get solely depend on your efforts.

(9) PPC Sites (Pay per Click Sites):

It is similar to Google AdSense. We can also call it as an alternative to the G-AdSense. The sites like Infolink, Adbrite, Chikita and YPN Network are paying per click for running ads on our blog. You can also use one of these networks with Google AdSense.

(10) Amazon Associates Program:

By displaying the trending products on the sidebar of your blog you can money through Amazon Associates Program.  You can increase your earning by utilizing good plug-in which used to rotate the products. Lots of plug-ins is available on internet.

These are some practical ways, which has followed by most of successful bloggers to make money blogging. If you are a blogger then utilize one of these methods which is suitable to you.

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