Easy Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+; we could also make money via Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is also providing us money making opportunities. We have discussed earlier about money making opportunities via FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+, now here I am providing you some useful ways to make money with Pinterest. Hope this will definitely help. Feel free to suggest or comment; if you find something offensive or wrong here. It will be a great help for me.

Easy Ways to Make Money with Pinterest

Let us discuss about some easy ways to make money with Pinterest.

(1) Promote your Products

Pinterest helps you to promote your products effectively with many active features with it. Pin your photos with your Pinterest profile and these active features will help you to increase your daily page views. Indirectly it brings more traffic towards your website or blog. And so that increase in sales of your products.

(2) Generate Backlinks

Every time you pin a post, you will get a backlink towards your website. This is a simple formula to generate high PR backlink. Backlink direct to Website; whenever it gets users or customers click. More traffic, so that more sales and money.

(3) Expand your network and build your active audience

You could expand your network by two ways directly and indirectly. You could target your network by pin, re-pin and by sharing content of other people. This will help you build authority and trust amongst them.

As well, there are two types of audience you could find on Pinterest: Active audience and Passive Audience. You should know those terms. Increase your active audience by right channel and categories. Remember active audience are those audiences who are interested in your products, services. So more conversion of sales will take place by increasing the number of active audience.

(4) Affiliate Marketing with Proper SEO

Pinterest allow you to pin the products of various affiliate networks and if someone click on that link and purchase product, then you will be eligible for % commission on actual price of product.
Uses of proper Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques help you to maximise the affiliate earning. Learn some SEO technique to optimise the pin; so that traffic through search engine will increase.

Some SEO Tips:

- Provide right description of photos

- Include name of your website in photos.

- Use some perfect keyword for photos.

- Use '#'tag that means '#' before your keyword.

(5) Analysis market trend and offer rewards, gifts to audience

This idea will definitely help you to build your active audience, if you analyse the market trend and promote products according to it, as well launch contest according to it.

Notice one thing that social media promotion is not the up-hill task. So use of social media options like FB, twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest could make difference in your business.

Once you build authority on them, then earning money is not that much difficult task.

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