New Emerging IT Jobs Profiles

IT industry invents something new in every two years both in technology and talent. As more and more new analytical tools like bigdata, SMAC, etc. are used in latest technology. Along with these technological innovations they have changed their approach in IT jobs. Here I am providing you new emerging IT jobs profiles in IT industry. 

IT jobs profiles in IT industry.

Cloud Integration Specialist

As the name is slightly complex, the role of Cloud Integration Specialist is simplification of purchases and also integration of software packages as well as important cloud applications in the present system. Generally individual buyers i.e. department heads don’t check integration and other compatibility issues. Nowadays companies are providing IT jobs as cloud integration specialist to solve these system issues and also educate leaders as well as other employees about these compatibility issues of the system. Also they give information to the employees about the things which should be considered before buying. 

To be a cloud integration specialist a person should have deep knowledge of back-end systems. Also he should have strong IT background with strong knowledge of latest cloud based technologies. Average salary for this category of IT jobs is in the range of 4-10 lakhs. The skills required for these IT jobs are AWS, PAAS, Cloud Apps, SAAS, IAAS, Azure, VDI, etc.

Collaboration and Social media Evangelist 

Most of the IT companies are upgrading their social media strategies to collaborate with internal as well as external customers effectively. Due to advancement in the digitization of the business more IT jobs are created in social media collaboration. In this IT jobs profile the employee is responsible communication as well as collaboration among the teams with the help of social engagement tools. 

For this profile the person should be from behavioral sciences background or from marketing and communications. The average salary for this IT jobs profile is Rs. 4-7 lakhs. The skills required are Social Media tools, Media Strategy, Digital marketing, etc.

Information Insight Enabler

Today companies have large quantity of data as well statistics which is not used at its optimum level. If this is used effectively then it can lead to high performance in business and strategy. The main responsibility of this IT jobs profiles is to derive important insights form industry data and management reports for business executives and other employees.

 The person should have knowledge of bigdata, market research, statistics, etc. for this profile. The average salary of this IT jobs profile is 7-10 lakhs. The key skills are SQL, DBMS architecture, WEBMETHODS, Data Structures, etc.

User Experience Guru

The entire software solution depends on user experience. As the software industry is very competitive, all sensible software solutions companies provides cost effective and innovative user experience through their experience. 

A person having deep knowledge of user-centered process and techniques is required for this IT jobs profile. Average salary for this profile is 6-11 lakhs. The key skills are Application programming, Software development, HTML5, User experience design, etc.

Technology Broker

IT departments took all decisions of purchase, decision of vendors and negotiations. But now latest cloud based apps have changed the picture. The technology broker plays an important role in this purchase decisions like quality, compatibility with the system, etc. 

A person with experience in IT management provider, sales or business development, etc. are suitable for this profile. The average salary offered is 3-6 lakhs. The key skills required are System integration, Service level Agreements, IT management, etc.

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