Make Money on Facebook with Facebook Pages and Groups

Last year I was just searching for different online money making ideas. And Facebook is one of them. Many of us are using Facebook for making money. Some uses it to introduce their business, some for to make popular their blog and to advertise their products. There are different people with different ideas. There are infinite numbers of ideas to make money on Facebook. You have to search it. Here in this article I have mentioned that how you could make money from Facebook pages, groups and likes. And one important thing you can directly earn from Facebook without any business, products or website.

make money on facebook with pages or groups

Let us come to the point now

How to generate income with Facebook fan pages and likes

(1) One must have a Facebook Account to create a Page. Click on create page. Then setup a Facebook Page which is relevant to the taste of audience. Add logo related to your motto, business, site or products.  After that add template and insert Url of your website. By selecting one particular category and by adding description about the page; your page is ready for publish. It will be better to develop business fan page. You could make your page presence more attractive by idioms or quotes. There are different Facebook applications to insert more Tabs relevant to your business.

If page is related to funny stuffs then select category entertainment. Most of people are interested in this category.

(2) So you have setup your page properly, now it is time to post something related your page. Manage your Facebook page presence with continuous updates. You could maintain good quality update with ratio of 4:1. Do not bore your followers by sharing links all time. Behind every 1 link (link + quality image) post update there should be 4 quality post update.

(3) Quality update gets more likes. In addition to that, you could advertise your page on Facebook. It will definitely help you to target specific followers with different geographic location and age groups. You will get this service from $1 approximately 50-100 likes per day. It means you are buying your targeted followers.

(4) You could get 1000 likes within 1 week; but for 1,00,000 likes you need to wait at least 6 months.

(5) After you got 1000 likes, you should ask many small or big businesses to promote their business on your page. You can charge to them.

(6) Affiliate marketing through Facebook page is one of the best ways on Facebook to earn huge income. There are lots of affiliate networks online. Just you need to register their and promote products links on your page. If someone purchase product through your link, you will get 5%-10% commission on every purchase.

This is up to you. Your style and approach may lead to maximum profit.

How to Generate Income with Facebook Groups

Facebook page and Facebook group are near about same. In Facebook page you have to gain followers; but in group you could directly add you friends. You could apply affiliate marketing technique to earn money here. Also you could sell products and promote services.

Key features to become successful in Facebook pages and groups

(1) Consistency factor is needed in every field. You have to work consistently in order to make your Facebook campaign successful. Make proper plan and future business strategy.

(2) Avoid spam material to post on. Remember spam material could destroy your reputation. Post good quality image with good resolution. It will definitely make an impact to sell your goods. After all impression matters a lot.

This is all about Facebook Fanpages and Groups. If you have more ideas regarding this please share through comment box.

6 Easiest Ways to Make Money on Facebook

As earlier mentioned, my bus of online money making research came to the point of Facebook. And I found that various questions regarding this. The questions were related to facebook money making ideas, how one can convert his spare time on facebook to money and finally different ways to do this. I researched a lot and finally found these 6 ways. Go through each one carefully and discuss with me any problem within this.

Most popular ways to make money on Facebook are:

(1) Facebook Page and Facebook Groups
(2) Affiliate Marketing
(3) By developing Facebook Apps
(4) Create a Facebook Blog or e-Book
(5) By Existing Facebook Aplication

(6) By Expanding Business

This is all about 6 Easiest Ways to Make Money on Facebook.

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