How to Make Money on Twitter

Yes, Twitter is also providing lots of opportunities to make money online. Here in this article I have mentioned 3 useful ways with 5 essential tips to make money from Twitter. Last year I had read one article which was related to a boy who made near about $35000 only from Twitter. That boy had 6 Twitter account and 1 million+ Twitter followers. One noticeable thing is he was not any celebrity; but an 18 year college boy. This story motivated me to write this article. There are many people who are making decent money on twitter.

3 Useful Ways to Make Money on Twitter

(1) By Tweeting Advertisements
(2) By Affiliate Marketing
(3) By Promoting Products

Let us discuss in detail

(1) By Tweeting Advertisement:   Just note down these 3 best service portals which is useful to post advertisement on twitter.

(a) RevtTwt
(b) Sponsored Tweets
(c) MyLikes

These service networks allow you put advertisement with your daily tweet. You will get paid if your followers will click on advertisement. This type of advertisement depends on CPC (Cost per Click).

(2) By Affiliate Marketing: Note Down these 3 best Affiliate Marketing Networks for twitter.

(a) Amazon
(b) Twittad
(c) Commission Junkie

Sign up to these networks and start promoting right product on your twitter account. You will get commission from these networks if someone buy particular product through your twitter account. I mean to say through your affiliate link on twitter. This may turns out to be highly profitable way for you.

(3) By promoting Products: You know that twitter is useful to connect with millions of people. Then use it for promoting your business, service, websites and your products. This may help you to connect with millions of people who are interested in your products. So that it will helps to expand your business.

5 tips to make money on Twitter

(1) Increase the list of your twitter followers
 - Tweet regularly
 - Follows all the peoples
 - Un-follow those who had not followed you back.
 - Search out new and hot trending topic to tweet
 - Tweet on which you are interested.

(2) Give respect to your follower and try to re-tweet one of followers tweet.

(3) Do not use twitter account to make money only. Maintain Twitter with quality tweets in order to gain your followers trust.

(4) Maintain a ratio of 1:10, while you are tweeting advertisement on Twitter. It means there should be 1 sponsored tweet (Tweet with advertisement or affiliate link) followed by 10 regular tweet.

(5) Do not involve with multiple twitter account. It is more time consuming. I suggest you to use only one twitter account and put your all efforts in that. This will definitely help you make more money on Twitter.

I hope you understood the key points to make money on twitter. Follows these steps seriously and maintain quality within this.

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