How to Make Money from Social Networking Sites - Top 5

Everyone is aware with social networking sites. Even each of us is using social networking sites to communicate, spread meaningful messages, awareness and so on. Here I will not discuss about the term social networking sites. But I am going to discuss about how to make money from social networking sites.

Yes, you can. For that here I am providing some tips; go through it carefully.

We all are aware about the power of internet and how it is growing rapidly. And social media sites are the backbone of it.  There are five leading social media websites they are as follows:
(1) Facebook
(2) Twitter
(3) Linked in
(4) Google+
(5) Pinterest

Let us go through each one.

# Facebook: Within very short duration of 3-4 years, this site become most popular and powerful social networking site. Remember more popular, more people so that more money. To start with Facebook create an account here.

Tips to earn money via Facebook
(1) You can do advertisement here and sell your products
(2) If you are an application developer then Facebook will help you to generate passive income. Facebook values your good skills on PHP and JAVA.
(3) Creat a Facebook Page and make them popular
(4) Facebook is a good platform for Affiliate Marketing

# Twitter: Twitter is also a famous platform to earn money online. Create a twitter account and work on it to get more followers for you. You can generate huge money by sponsored tweets by inserting ads to your tweet. You will get paid by PPC (price per click) on advertisement. In addition to that Twitter is providing services like, Rev twt to generate income.

# Linkedin: Linkedin helps people to connect and helps them to get a job according to their qualification. Linkedin allows you to advertise your business and helps you for Affiliate Marketing. You should get huge amount of traffic for your blog or website by creating discussion on various topics.

# Google+: Google+ is useful to connect with more people. Get more followers and establish good relation with them. They can share your posts. It the social media platform, generally helps websites to promote.

# Pinterest: Pinterest also helps you to gain more visitors towards your site.  You can generate money by using programs like AdSense; but to earn money through Amazon should be the best choice.

This is all about online money making ideas on how to make money from social networking sites. If you have different ways to earn money from these sites feel free to share with us.

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