Why most Bloggers Fail?

Today due to increasing use of internet blogging has proved to be one of the promising ways to make money online. So, more and more people are moving towards blogging to earn money online. But my observation is that nearly 9 out of 10 bloggers fail to make money from blogging. 

Why most Bloggers Fail

There may be lots of reasons for their failure like they are not that much serious or they assume blogging as a cakewalk. I don’t consider myself a successful blogger but I want to share some important reasons why most of the bloggers fail to make money online.

With my 3+ years of experience in blogging I am providing you some important reasons behind the failure of 9 out of 10 bloggers. I hope this article will definitely help you to correct your mistakes and be a successful blogger.

Choosing a wrong topic

First important thing is topic of your blog. You have to decide the topic of your blog. 

You should choose the topic which is related with your job, area of interest or hobby. If you are a painter then you can’t write a good blog on technology. If your blog has the topic on your area of interest then you can write the blog with good contents and become a successful blogger. 

When I started blogging I followed top bloggers and also read their experiences. So started blogging on Part time Jobs online

In the beginning I came to know that blogging world has lots of competition and you have to create unique contents so that more and more people will get attracted towards blog. I was not interested in this topic and so even writing for 5 to 6 months I could not get any income from my blogs. 

After 6 months I realized my mistake and came to know that I am going in wrong direction. As I was part of affiliate marketing since two years I have enough experience of affiliate marketing so that I can write blogs on affiliate marketing. For more information visit Affiliate Marketing.

After writing few blogs on my experience in affiliate marketing I have received huge traffic on my blogs and became successful in making money regularly from my blogs on domain INCISIVEA.

Then I earned sufficient money regularly from my blogs in short period and wrote different blogs and lots of these are successful. 

So, choose a topic which is best and you can write on it without any problem. You can select any random topic and become successful.

Failure in Creating a Narrative

The other important thing about writing a blog is creating a narrative. People should be able to understand the story of your blog immediately after reading it. 

People should be able to understand the contents of your blog easily. If your blog conveys the message to the readers easily then your blog is successful. 

Most of the bloggers fail because they write in all directions and their blog lacks objectivity.

Creating Contents 

Content is an important factor while writing a blog. It should be informative and it should cover all the information for which the reader is looking for.

You should create the good contents regularly and it must be readable to all levels of readers.

You should have some research as well as experience on the topic on which you are writing a blog. Otherwise you will not be able to create a useful blog for your readers and you will fail. 

Most of the new bloggers don’t write their unique contents and try to copy or rewrite the contents of other bloggers.

A blogger should write the blog regularly. You must update your blog at least 2-3 times in a week. Most of the bloggers fail to collect spicy contents with a good title to it and hence you have to work very hard in this stage.

Search Engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important in blogging. Every blogger should have at least basic knowledge of SEO.

Most of the bloggers don’t have knowledge of SEO so they could not attract enough traffic on their blogs and so fail. I am not recommending being an expert in SEO, but at least basic knowledge is must to be a successful blogger.

You should know how to search keyword and include it into your contents so that more and more traffic comes on your blog and you will get success to make money online from your blog.
For getting high rank for your site keyword research is important and also proper back linking is must for your site.

If you are not working on SEO or fail to promote your blog then you will not be able to be successful in blogging.

Greed For money

If you are writing blogs in the greed of quick money then you will definitely fail to be a successful blogger.

Blogging is like a hobby and you should write according to your interest. You should have proper analysis on your blogging otherwise you will fail.

Never enter into blogging for making quick money. Blogging is long process and it will take long time to make money from blogging.

Restless and Impatience

Generally most of the bloggers are young so they are impatient about money and always look for quick money. I started earning money after 1 year since I started blogging.

So you should keep patience of at least one year if you consider blogging as income source. In this period you will have deep knowledge of blogging and once you are done with this you will be able to make money online from blogging.

In blogging, you will learn something new every day. If you have the ability to learn something new then only you can be successful in blogging.

Most of the bloggers fail in blogging because they quit blogging if they don’t earn any money in their first month of blogging.

So these are the reasons why most bloggers fail in their journey of blogging.

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