Importance of Fiverr Level System to earn money online on Fiverr

Fiverr is getting very popular day by day because of its new and amazing idea of $5 for internet users. Fiverr has given huge platform for common people to sell their cheap products as they can’t afford costly ways. 

Before few days most of the market share was captured by big companies and they were selling the products at a high price to the clients and so there was no chance to the common skilled people due to lack of investment. But Fiverr has provided an innovative idea to these small business players to sell their products at $5. 

When Fiverr came to this online market it has given big opportunity to small businesses to sell their products and show their talent and compete with bigger ones. Also people with lower budget can buy various products at a very lower rate i.e. $5.

The two most important things which made Fiverr popular and successful are its idea “buy anything at $5” and its “rating system”. The rating system gives idea to the people about genuine service provider and also service provider with high ratings get more orders. 

But there was one problem raised while dealing on Fiverr. If a particular task is very time consuming even though they have to sell these services for only $5. To counter this problem Fiverr came with new idea ‘’Fiverr Levels System”. For more information read our Fiverr Guide. These “Fiverr levels” has given them more chance to expand their business on Fiverr.

Introduction to Fiverr Levels

Fiverr introduced its “Fiverr levels system” in Jan 2012. There are three different levels of Fiverr i.e. Level 1, Level 2 and top rated seller. There are different criteria and parameters to reach to these levels and if you reach a particular Fiverr level then you will get access to different money making tools. 

Let’s discuss these Fiverr levels one by one:

Level 1

If you want to reach level 1 then you have to sell just 10 products and it should not include any negative ratings. So, before starting work on Fiverr you should take care on designing your gigs.

Once you reach to level 1 you will get access to many advanced tools and features which will help you to make money on Fiverr. 

In this level you can multiples as well as extras in your gig. Multiple means if anybody wants to buy your product then he can select more than one quantity while ordering the gigs. In extras you can add extra services costing in terms of $5 and the limit for extra services is only $20 for level 1.

Level 2

If you want to achieve level 2 you have to complete big target of selling 50 products in last two months and you should have good ratings as well as excellent track record. 

In this level you will get access to more advanced tools which will help to expand the business on fiverr and increase sale to make more money. Priority support will also provided to you if you reach this level 2. 

You will have level 2 badge and maximum limit to charge extra services is $40 in level 2.

Top Rated Seller 

This is the top level which every fiverr seller wants to achieve.  Top rated seller is selected manually by the editors of fiverr. Promotion or selection in this level is done based on various criteria or parameters like number of sales, high ratings, seniority, good customer care, leadership in community, etc. 

As a top rated seller you will get access to more premium features as well as tools along with VIP support which will help you to sell more products and make more money on Fiverr.

The extra facility is “Badge for top rated seller” and this will lead to sell more volume of sellers and get more orders to earn more money. 

It is surprising to hear that there are many sellers with few sales and negative ratings are promoted to top rated seller and some seller with thousands of sale didn’t get this level. So, it is mystery what exactly Fiverr sellers check before giving ‘top rated seller’ level to someone who is part of Fiverr business.

There are many innovative as well as intelligent people in Fiverr team which are continuously trying to improve Fiverr and make this platform more useful for sellers as well as buyers. 

In this way fiverr came with Fiverr Levels System to improve its business. With the help of this Fiverr levels it has become great place to make money online.

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