How to get Credit Cards for Bad Credit

A big question comes to mind of people about getting credit cards for bad credit. As they already have bad credit, they have very few options left. Credit card issuers don’t give credit card to the clients who have previous loan pending and so chances are less. Though it is difficult you can get credit card for bad credit.
credit cards for bad credit

The issue of bad credit credit cards depends on credit score. If you already have the credit and you apply for credit then you will be given another credit depends on credit score. If the credit score is low then chances are less. You will be informed your credit score via email if you are denied credit based on credit score. The alternative way to know credit score is free websites like Beware of other fraudulent websites claiming to provide free credit scores. 

There are few credit cards for bad credit which are specifically designed for those people who have bad credit. The people with credit scores as low as 577 are allowed to get bad credit credit cards by capital One classic Platinum. Orchard bank credit cards were also a good option before it was acquired by Capital One.
credit cards for bad credit

Some retailers approve credit cards with bad credit. Also you can apply for limited purpose credit cards which are accepted by some stores preferably as compared to visa or MasterCard. Buy you have to keep in mind that retail store credit cards have low credit limit and high interest rate. 

Many people dismiss to accept secured credit card because you have to pay deposit against bad credit. There are some options to start putting $50 in your saving account for six months and some part of this will be used as credit card application fees and other part is used against bad credit. CapitalOne Secured MasterCard accepts security deposit less than $49 or $99.

Credit cards for bad credit are proved to be one of the important ways to improve financial status of people. Companies are providing credit debt with their offers based on interest rate, quality customer service, etc. Nowadays, financial industry is tightening norms on credit card issuing in order to tackle problems created by economic crisis. 
credit cards for bad credit

Bad credit credit cards are exclusively for the people with high bad credit and they will help them to improve financial condition as well as credit score. The reason behind their present financial disaster may not be their previous credit card. 

The approval of these credit cards are very promising and no financial back ground checking is needed while applying. Due to approval of these credit cards people with high indebtedness gets the opportunity to build their financial condition. 

Bad credit credit cards are very good option for the applicants who are applying for the first time. Because financial background check and bank account are not needed. They can use this card while purchasing items on ebay or other online shopping sites. Also you can apply for other regular cards along with high credit limit as well as rewards. 

If your credit card has bad credit due to some reasons like poor money management, job loss, big medical debt, etc. you have opportunity to improve your credit. So, getting a bad credit credit card is very difficult in this condition. But it is not impossible and try these tips to have the access to these Bad Credit credit card:

1. Apply for bad credit credit card at your bank. If you have maintained good relationship there then they can give credit to you.

2. Add statements of your negative items to credit bureaus like TransUnion, Equifax, Experien, etc. Companies may consider your honesty and adverse circumstances like medical debt and extend credit to you.

3. Apply to secured credit card and deposit monthly savings which will serve as credit limit. Also take care that the company will report your transactions to credit bureaus and then you will be able to build your credibility and get promoted to regular credit cards.

4. Last option is applying for sub-prime credit card. But these cards charges high interest rates. You have to pay the dues in time and use this card with intensive care. This will help to improve your credit and then you may apply for cheaper credit cards.

Millions of people all over the world struggle due to unpaid bills and debt. Due to bad shopping habit or emergency medical spending they need cash but don’t good credit history to get approval of nay credit from personal bank. So, at this moment peer to peer loan can be good option.

Best bad credit credit cards have bad credit and entering the database of bad credit can be costly as well as time consuming. To get the credit cards for bad credit you have to submit positive reports to improve your credit score. One must remember few things about credit cards for bad credit:

· The bad credit credit card will charge you some amount of membership fees

· It can include annual fees or anything else depends on type of card

· APR for these cards are high

· Low spending limit

· The Best thing you should do while using bad credit credit cards is carry no balance or the balance nearly equal to half of the spending limit

· Always pay all the charges on time

If you keep the amount you have between half to maximum spending limit it indicates good spending habits and it will help you to come out of your bad credit crisis.

The other credit cards for bad credit are:

1) Centennial classic credit card

Centennial classic credit card offers unsecured credit to people with bad credit score. Centennial reports monthly to credit bureaus. If you keep your balance below 50% and make your payment on time then you can improve your credit report.
In this way in very short time you can improve your credit score and apply for regular credit cards.

2) First Premier bank classic credit card

This provides unsecured credit to some people with low credit scores. If you don’t qualify for its unsecured line of credit then the option of application of one of their secured credit card is also present.

Other bad credit credit cards which are part of gas cards are:

1) Capital One poor credit card
2) HSBC credit cards for bad credit

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