How to Become Full time Fiverr Sellers

All of us are familiar with Fiverr and its $5 idea. Today Fiverr has shown that it has big potential to make money online and sell various products as well as services at $5. According to my analysis, in last one year many people has taken Fiverr as full time business and become full time Fiverr seller. 

Today more than 14% of fiverr sellers are working full time on Fiverr and making big money online. There are more than 1, 00,000 Fiverr sellers and so more than 14,000 are full time Fiverr sellers.

Fiverr has transformed the way of online business. Before few days people were buying products for $40 to $50 which is available for only $5 on Fiverr. People can reject the completed work and so you will get good quality product for only $5.

Fiverr provides you to become the micro entrepreneur with nearly zero investment. Nowadays more and more people are leaving their 9 to 5 jobsw and moving towards Fiverr to become Fiverr sellers. The reason behind this is financial as well as time freedom given by Fiverr as compared to other jobs. 
More than 14% of Fiverr sellers are making money above $1000 by working full time or part time on Fiverr. This statistics definitely inspire us to become full time Fiverr sellers. 

Full time Fiverr sellers

What should one do earn $1000 from Fiverr?

Now a question will come in your mind that what one should do to earn $1000 regular income from Fiverr. Let’s consider some basic idea about this work.

A good fiverr seller should complete a gig within 15 minutes. In the beginning it takes longer time but your time will reduce after some experience. You have to complete the gig designing within a time frame. 

For earning $1000 in say 25 days then you have to earn 1000/25 i.e. $40 per day. Fiverr charges $1 commission foe every gig and so you will earn $4 for each gig. So, you have to sell 10 such gigs to earn $40 per day. For designing one gig an average Fiverr seller needs 15 minutes and so you have to work for 15*10=150 i.e. nearly 2 hours 30 minutes per day to earn $1000. 

In this way you can earn $1000+ by working for less than 3 hours daily and some big sellers are even earning six digit incomes also. 

Fiverr can be beneficial to you as it has potential to provide full time income. Fiverr gives you full freedom to implement your passion in your work. So register on Fiverr and see what you can sell for only $5. 

If you are confused what to sell on Fiverr and don’t know what exactly you can sell then be patient and just be on Fiverr for few days. Just observe what others are selling for 1-2 hours and also check all categories and sub categories. Then you will get your answer.

There is millions of people visiting everyday on fiverr. Also you have to design the gig which has something different otherwise your gig will remain unseen. There are lots of tips to make money on Fiverr. For more information read our   Fiverr Guide.

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