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The annual credit report has huge importance for someone who avail different types of loans. The annual credit report consists of all detail information about your credit history. Most of the banks as well as financial organizations use this annual credit report for checking your financial performance.

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I recommend you that you should check your credit report nearly 3-4 times in a year to check any mistakes. If it has any mistake then it can hurt your credit history and so you have to monitor it regularly. Also take the advice of a financial mentor i.e. credit expert to improve your credit history and keep your annual credit report wise.

Along with this you have to be aware about rampant crimes which are frequent these days. These people steal your information within few seconds and this may cause big damage to your annual credit report. Any irregular activity can be related with such type of theft and so you should be alert about your annual credit report.

Most of the time financial institution, banks, lenders, etc check your annual credit report before approving any loan or allotting any property on rent. You will get access to all credit facilities any time if your annual credit report is clean as well as responsible. Various credit agencies provide annual credit report which is prepared by their credit expert and you can get this annual credit report through different modes 

  •         Through websites

  •         Through mail

  •         Through phone

Fees for annual credit report may vary from state to state or agency to agency. In these days, many online agencies provide annual credit report from their credit expert. For better credit returns you should monitor and keep a keen watch on your annual credit report.

Sometimes there may be adverse conditions if your credit report contains negative activities like bankruptcy which are never happened actually. So, credit expert always advices you to check your annual credit report regularly to prevent such bad experience. For keeping your credit score excellent you must check your credit score regularly. Today online credit check is available and so this makes it easier.

If you have good credit score then you will get loan approval very easily. But, in the case of bad credit score your loan application may be denied. Another option for credit check is Prime credit expert. Prime credit expert performs your credit check regularly and provides you expert advice. He gives you proper advice to improve your credit score and also prevent damage to your annual credit report. Credit expert handles all credit related issues and charges reasonable amount for his services. You can register for online credit agencies and keep monitoring your credit score online on regular basis. Also you will get advice from these agencies and they charges few amount for this service. 

There are various factors that affect your annual credit report adversely. Your annual credit report reflects your financial performance in the past. So, take a look at these factors to avoid such mistakes. 

Short Sales

This might not affect your annual credit report directly. But this may alarm the lenders in future. The lender may hesitate to carry out any transactions with you due to short sales.

Number of Enquiries for loan

Every credit expert will recommend you not to do too much number of enquiries for loan. This may affect your annual credit report. So, lenders will think twice before approving your loan after seeing number of enquiries done by you.

Possession of several credit lines

If you have the habit of obtaining new and expensive credit or credit cards in succession in very short time. This may be bad signal for you and it may affect your annual credit report. So, every credit expert recommends that you should not indulge in such cash issues.

Possession of Short term loans

Basically short term loans are given to those persons who do not qualify for the traditional loans. The interest rate of short term loans is very high. Already having short term loans may affect your annual credit report. Every credit expert recommends that you should not take short loans because this indicates that you don’t have any other options for financing.

So, be financially literate and don’t commit such mistakes so that you will have healthy and clean annual credit report. The advice of credit expert is important who wants to improve credit expert. The credit expert does following things for his clients:

Review of annual credit report: This is the most basic as well as important function of credit expert. He reviews the credit report and try to understand all the data.

Assessment of credit damage: The next step of credit expert is impact analysis. The credit expert performs quantification of damages to credit report due to bad credit history. For this process credit expert must have detail knowledge of factors affecting credit scores.

Assessment of economic credit damage: In this stage credit expert will quantify credit damages using three basic metrics and finds out exact quantity of credit damage.

Expert Advice: In this stage credit expert gives detail analysis of the credit report and the expert advice as well as recommendations to improve your credit score and makes your annual credit report attractive for lenders.

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