Top Ways to Make Money from Blog

People used to search money making ideas about blogging; but they didn't get any proper answer about this. Here I mentioned that how could you make money from blog and top ways to make money from blog.

I don’t want to discuss any odd method which was used once in every thousand blogs. Let us discuss about some practical ways, which has followed by most of successful bloggers. If you are not aware about blogging then read here.

Top Ways to Make Money from Blog

Top Ways to Make Money from Blog

So you can go through each and every effective way to make money from blogging mentioned here.

(1) Google AdSense:

Here in this blog you will find lots of articles about Google Adsense. The articles are solely related to money making ideas of Google AdSense and how you can increase your Google AdSense revenue.
Furthermore Google AdSense is the most common way to make money from blogging. Near about 90% of blogger around globe used this network as this one of the most reliable and high paid ads network. It is very easy to place ads on our blog network through G-AdSense. To multiply your AdSense revenue to 500% one must know about AdSense money making secretes.

(2) Affiliate Network: 

Generally Affiliate marketing is the secondary choice of every blogger. Every blogger first optimize their blog for Google AdSense and further they work over affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is also one the best way to make money from blogging. You’ll find lots of peoples, who are making millions of dollar through affiliate marketing networks.

People who love internet marketing and have courage to do lots of handwork will definitely successful in this method. There are numerous affiliate programs available on internet. A right affiliate program and a right method to promote are the keys to be successful. Refer our Affiliate Marketing Guide.

(3) By Selling Blog Space to Advertisers:

If you have a genuine blog with lots of visitors then you can make money by selling your ads space to the advertisers. The websites like or help you to sell your ad space and make you able to get fixed monthly income through that. Furthermore, you can directly sell your ads space to advertisers by creating invitation page to your blog for advertisers. This deal may bring you more commission as there is no middleman in between.

(4)Selling Product:

Before discussing on this topic, it is an advice that selling product which is not related to your blog category may damage your blog reputation. You can sell your own thing like e-Book, physical products, etc. If you are writing about make money blogging then sell an eBook and if you are writing about health issues then sell out health related products.

(5) Membership Site:

Why do not you create a membership site if your blog have contents worth rupees thousands of dollar. This will definitely generate revenue for you. Many bloggers have used this method. Either they charge one time subscription fee or monthly subscription fee. The increasing number of subscribers increases your earning through that.

(6) Donation Button:

Persons who get benefit from your contents are likely to donate you for that. For that purpose you can implement a PayPal donation button to your blog. If you have not implemented any money earning program then do not hesitated to apply this method for your site. You are very much aware about the site Wikipedia, which is totally depends on donation only.

(7) Sponsored Review:

Many Advertisers want their product to be reviewed on top quality blogs. For that they are ready to pay hundreds of or even thousands of dollars for a good positive review. But be careful about misleading review; which may destroy your reputation.

(8) By Flipping Websites:

Flipping websites is something related to buying and selling them at 10-15 times the amount of its monthly income. Some website flippers make their own blog popular within short period and sell it. The sites like WebsiteBroker, Flippa and help you to apply for auction. And this is one of the trending businesses where you can turn your investment of $100 and some efforts to a $1000 to $10000. The amounts you get solely depend on your efforts.

(9) PPC Sites (Pay per Click Sites):

It is similar to Google AdSense. We can also call it as an alternative to the G-AdSense. The sites like Infolink, Adbrite, Chikita and YPN Network are paying per click for running ads on our blog. You can also use one of these networks with Google AdSense.

(10) Amazon Associates Program:

By displaying the trending products on the sidebar of your blog you can money through Amazon Associates Program.  You can increase your earning by utilizing good plug-in which used to rotate the products. Lots of plug-ins is available on internet.

These are some practical ways, which has followed by most of successful bloggers to make money blogging. If you are a blogger then utilize one of these methods which is suitable to you.

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