Top 10 Freelancing Sites for Freelance jobs from Home: Top Online Earning Websites

Working as freelancer is one of the wonderful ways of life. Many professionals have left their jobs and started working on freelance jobs as freelancer. As a freelancer we could work with our own scheduled, no time limit, no extra pressure and also work from anywhere either from home or beach.

Working as freelancer is one of the wonderful ways of life. Many professionals have left their jobs and started working on freelance jobs as freelancer.

We could work part timely or full timely. Everybody wants to earn extra income so why not to start working as freelancer. Because of this Freelancing is best option to fulfill our dreams and requirements.

In this particular article we are going to discuss about top 10 best freelancing sites which provides best freelance jobs to work. Work Online & Get Money is the concept of freelancing. You need to acquire proper understanding of variety and variation of wideness of this field. Workings on these sites are always easy, safer and profitable.

Top 10 Freelancing Sites



If you are newbie then this site is recommended for you. It is one of easiest platform to work as freelancer. Also it is one of the famous and professional platforms. Many reputable persons are used to outsource their work on oDesk. High Quality Superfast Work with minimum prices is the key feature of oDesk. oDesk do not charge the membership fees. There are wide ranges of categories on oDesk with hourly and fixed rate jobs. An hourly job offers guaranteed payment. oDesk charge 10% of project fee on successful completion of project.



Elance is one of the best and largest freelance platforms, which is founded in USA in 1998. It offers both types of membership plans free and paid. If you are planning for freelance professional career then Elance could be best option for you. Here in Elance you will found more than 100k of freelance expert and 2k+ jobs posted every month.


Freelancer is reliable and reputed money making site for freelancer. Here also you find free and paid membership plan. There are more than 2700k+ freelancers already working on this site. There are different money making programs available on freelancers. Kindly refer site more to know. There is a huge opportunity to earn more.


Guru is founded in USA and started in year 2000. Actually the Guru domain has registered in year 1988 but that time it was unable to drive more traffic. It offers both free and premium membership. 500k + freelancers and 160+ professional categories are the key feature of site.


It is a new website founded in USA and started working in year 2008. There are three paid membership plans Standard, Gold and Platinum on which commission fees depends. It also offers free membership.



Fiverr is $5 website. People perform a job only for $5. It is largest marketplace for the service which is that start with $5. It offers every single freelance service at $5.


It is also founded in USA and started in year 2001. It is a freelance website which offers freelance jobs regarding Software Development. Site has 20k of registered buyers and 200k of freelancers.


The Company was founded in Canada which is started in year 2001. It offered a free registration. Over 100+ projects posted daily.


It is also one of outsourcing website offered lots of  human intelligence task. It offers free membership to both buyers and workers.


Here iFreelance paid membership is started from $6.25. It never charges any commission on the money you earned. It provides facility of free bidding and sample display.

Some more freelancing Websites:





This is all about freelancing websites. You can start with 2-3 websites mentioned above. Please check out more information by visiting the official site.

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