Exciting Ways to Make Money Online Even You are Asleep

In this era of internet more and more people are using internet for various purposes and looking for different opportunities to make money online. There are different ways to make money online available today and they are very easy. You can earn healthy money if you utilize your time as well as brain properly.

Exciting Ways to make money online even you are asleep

These ways will give you the opportunity to earn money even you are asleep and we are providing you some ways through this article. Here we are cautioning you because title of this article may mislead you. So you have to assume some things written below:

·  When we say that you can earn money when you are asleep it doesn't mean that it is lottery or jackpot.

·  You will not get lots of money by working for a single day or night.

·  Nothing said in this article is illegal as anyone thinks that one can earn money even he is asleep only when it is illegal.

·  You should have good knowledge of English and internet as well.

·  Money is not going to come in weeks or months. It can take years also. After all everything depends on your performance.

After reading above points I hope you are understood why the title is ‘’ Exciting Ways to make money online even you are asleep”. This is true but finally it depends on your efforts and performance.

Before you start to make money online you have to toil day and night to build a system which will give you to earn money even you are asleep. That system should be strong enough to provide you the revenue day and night.

Now we are providing you different ways to make money online. First we divide these ways to make money online into two broad categories viz. offline and online. They are discussed below:

Offline Ways

First of all we are providing you offline ways to make money online even you are asleep. Offline ways can be used by anyone and the knowledge of computer or internet is not mandatory. So any person with any background can use this technique to earn money.

Here are some offline ways given below:

1) Buying and selling of stocks for long term trading

One of the popular ways to make money online even you are asleep is ‘stock trading’. It is very easy and not risky as well.

You can buy a stock and you can sell it at any moment. When price of that stock goes up, you should sell that stock at that very moment.

Suppose you have bought a stock for Rs.100000 and wait for say one year and after that if stock price rises then you can sell that stock for 160000 or even 180000. In this way you can earn money without any extra work. Just you have to wait for right moment.

2) Giving money as a loan to someone and charge interest rate after return

All of us are very much familiar with this idea and some of you may be using this. But it is also one of the best ways to make money even you are asleep. If someone comes to you and asking for a loan of Rs 50000 then you can earn money by charging interest rate of 10% to 15% on return.

In this way you can earn nearly Rs 15000 for one transaction and if you do multiple transactions then you can earn extra money.

The other way is you can keep your money by keeping it in fixed deposit account and you can earn nearly 8% interest rate depending upon the period and other factors.

3) Buy Lottery tickets on daily basis and wait for your lucky number

It is one of the common ways to make money and used by millions of people on daily basis. We are not misguiding you to become a gambler but it is also a way available to make money without doing anything.

In this case all your earnings depend on luck and you can earn crores if you are lucky enough. But the possibility of losing small money exists.

The lottery tickets ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500 are available in the market and try to buy government sponsored lottery tickets. They will display the result and you can earn money if you get that lucky number.

4) Give your home or shop on lease or rent

This way is used very widely and one can easily give his home or shop on rent or lease. But it is not possible for all, as you should have an extra house or shop.

Giving house or shop on rent is the easiest way to make money even you are asleep and can collect money from that needy person on daily basis.

If you have the shop or house in big cities like Mumbai or Delhi then you can contact a real estate agent to help you to get the desired person who will be ready to have your property on rent. In this way you can earn money without doing any hardwork.

Online Ways

Now we consider some online ways to make money online. The online ways are more popular as well as easier than offline ways. Just you have to prepare a program or software here and which will be able to work automatically and you can make money online even you are sleeping. But online ways requires more intelligence and obviously knowledge of computer and internet. Let’s understand some of the popular ways to make money online.

1) Create a blog and selling of affiliate products

It is the way which is used abundantly to make money online. You can create a blog and after participating in one of the affiliate marketing program you can sell affiliate products and can earn easy money. Through this way you have to guide people to buy particular type of product to which you are affiliated.

You can create a blog related with few topics like technology, education, finance, business, etc. Then you can sell various products related with the area of your blog. Our Incisivea Team are also working on this platform and promoting blogging.

Once you are created various blogs and become popular number of people will visit your blog and they can buy the affiliated products repeatedly. In this way you can earn easy money without doing much and even you are asleep. Promoting affiliate product can be useful to make money online.

2) Write an eBook and sell number of copies online

This way is being popular especially in book lovers and writers. The e-commerce giant site like Flipkart started their business as eBook seller and now it has reached great height. From this example you will be came to know the potential of this way to make money online.

If you are passionate about writing a book on a spicy topic then don’t worry of publisher you can write your book in eBook format and can sell it online without publishing its hard copy.

You can write your eBook having 300 to 400 pages and can sell it at a cost of $10 to $20. The website like ClickBank provides the facility to sell such eBooks. In this way you can earn money online even you are asleep.

3) Install AutoResponder, collect email list automatically and sell products online

If you have a blog or a website and large traffic coming on it per day then you can install AutoResponder. AutoResponder is well known software for internet users and you have to pay as a monthly subscription for it for installation.

This money is very less as compared to returns you get after installing it. AutoResponder helps you to track people who are visiting your blog and gives you email addresses.

You can get list up to 500000 and after that you can sell the products by sending email on this email addresses. In this way you can make money online.

4) Create a software or web application and charge fees for monthly subscription

Emerging of WhatsApp is one of the popular examples of this way to make money online. It is an opportunity for excellent coders who are interested in developing an innovative web application or software. If you have in depth knowledge of internet then you can grab this opportunity and make an easy money even you are asleep.

If you software or web application is amazing and has the potential to solve the problem of internet users then you can earn lots of money instantly.

You can charge monthly subscription fees for your application and can earn money in very short time.

5) Create a website to get heavy traffic and sell products

If you are able to become a potential blogger and get successful in attracting huge amount of traffic in your website then you can earn lots of money be selling various products to your visitors.

A popular website can be sold to even $100000 and you can earn money online on large scale in very short time.

6) Place advertisements on right  website and get paid

You can place ads if your blogs have huge traffic. You will get these ads on Google Adsense and other ads network website.

You will be paid of one click on your ads. More the number of clicks more will be the money and everything depends on the traffic received on your website or blog. In this way you can make money even you are sleeping.

I hope all these ways to make money online will help you to earn money even you are sleeping.

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