A New Way to Sell Old Products- Quikr and OLX

Today everyone has heard about OLX as well as Quikr. People use these sites to sell their old products at best prices. If a person has used car, bike, mobile phone, computer, furniture, etc. can sell these products on Quikr and OLX at a good rate. We can say that Quikr as well as OLX are Indian counterpart of Craigslist. These sites are more popular than Craigslist in India and thousands of people are selling as well as buying many products on Quikr and OLX.

A New Way to sell old products- Quikr and OLX

Before few days there were no OLX or Quikr and people preferred to sell used items directly. Now a person can get large quantity of products they are looking for on OLX or Quikr and people can get more money by selling their products on these websites than selling then directly.  

Why OLX?

Everyone who wants to sell or buy products on OLX should know about its features. Following features of OLX made this site one of the best platform to sell old products: 

1) Colorful ads: The ads on OLX are very vivid and colorful consisting of pictures as well as videos. One can see actual appearance of product with the help of these pictures. If someone wants to sell old or used car the omega will show the same car not the image of a new one.

2) Full control on ads: A person gets facility to control his ads fully and also he can manage his community with My OLX.

3) Social Media Interface: One of the important feature of OLX is its interface with social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc. and you can publish your ads on these sites.

4) Accessibility: OLX is accessible to mobile users also and these mobile users can sell or buy the used items on this site.

5) Language: OLX is available in more than 40 languages and hence almost everyone can post their ads and see ads on OLX.

Decide which is the best Direct selling or Sell products through OLX or Quikr? 

Now you have to take decision about which way is to be preferred to sell or buy your old products whether to sell it directly or use OLX or Quikr. This article is written in favor of these free sites but there are some points which make direct selling useful in some cases. Then let’s discuss about those situations in which direct selling is more beneficial as compared to OLX or Quikr. There are some items like car, jewelry, and some other expensive items that can be sold directly instead of OLX or Quikr.

If your friend knows a customer who wants to buy your used products and if you think that you can get best price for your product then you should sell your product directly and in this case there is no need of OLX or Quikr. But direct selling is not popular because the person who wants to sell products directly don’t know the market price of that product, but OLX helps him to know the market price.

How to sell products on OLX or Quikr?

Selling products on OLX or Quikr is very easy and anyone can use this sites. Selling of product is an art and the products like mobile phone, baby cart, etc. is also an art as they are used items. 

First of all you have to register on OLX by creating the account and this is very easy process. After that you can start selling items on this free site. While selling on this website you have to take care of few things in mind. 

First thing is to create attractive ads. Your ads must be great so that more and more people should be attracted towards your product. Another important factor is you are selling used product and you have to make best out of it. 

The general reason of people behind selling products on OLX is they get nearly half price of the product they bought. If one wants to sell a car worth Rs. 500000, they he will get 250000 or 275000 from it on OLX. 

So, you have to create innovative ads and make these ads more attractive so that more and more people get attracted. Your title should also be attractive.

If you are selling a used car then you should design a title which is different than any other ads and also OLX search engine must bring you on top priority of its search results.

The most important feature of posting ads on OLX is no word limit. So OLX gives you enough space to present your ideas. You can describe toy product fully by giving the information fully and try to highlight the important things and make this ads more attractive. You have to keep marketing approach while posting ads.

Tell the customers about present condition of product and latest images of that product. While uploading photos a care must be taken about the quality of photos and so the images must be taken with good camera. The images must look good so that people will definitely see those images. While capturing the images a care must be taken about light, background, etc.

One you are done with your ads then you have to promote it. So, use social media like Facebook, Twitter to spread these ads and reach to number of people. Also you should be honest about your product and don’t lie.

How to get best from OLX?

Now we consider how to get best by selling products on OLX i.e. making more money. After all this is an art to sell this product and earn more money. You have to keep pricing very reasonable.

You should prefer hard cash for cheap items, but if you are selling a car then you should do bank transactions.

Also Social media sites like Facebook has enormous potential and you should use these sites to promote your ads so that you will reach more and more people. Finally tell people to promote your product in public.

Tips For online Business on Quikr or OLX

We provide you some tips to sell your items on Quikr or OLX.

1) Always think of selling product directly or on OLX. If you think that you can get more money on OLX then go for it.

2) You must take your own time to create your attractive ads.

3) You ads must look good and so images and photos must be of good quality.

4)Before putting price of that product on ads, check the market price and then set your price on OLX.

5) OLX is best site for selling electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers and even cars.

6)There is no contract here and hence the customer can decide not to buy your product later.

7)Don’t force any customers to buy your product at any stage.

8)If there is lot of competition then don’t post your ads and wait for good opportunity.

In this way one can make big money online using selling their items on OLX or Quikr with the help of posting great ads.

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