Top 10 PTC Sites Best Ways to Make Extra Money

PTC sites are one of the best ways to make extra money though there are various ways to make extra money. Here in this article I have mentioned top 10 best PTC sites.

Millions of people depend on PTC Sites to fulfill their extra money need. But few of them are successful to make. The reason behind that is most of people attempt for scam PTC Sites. So what?? Here in this article you will find top 10 trusted sites where you can earn as much money as you can.

Top 10 PTC Sites Best Ways to Make Extra Money

How to Earn Online Through PTC Sites?

You can earn by clicking ads and viewing them. Hence these websites are also known as paid to surf websites. In addition to that you can earn through PTC, referrals, referral exchange, referral offer, survey and paid to sign up. Some of PTC sites are also working with crowdsourcing sites. Where crowdsourcing sites outsourced work to them. So you can earn additionally by completing crowd sourced task.

Top 10 PTC Sites

ClixSense:   One of my favorite site where I made decent income through ads clicking, referrals and crowd sourced work. Best part of this website that it provides affordable rates. In addition to that there are potentially active consumers. You can sign up and start working immediately.

1) Earn $0.02 per adv click and $0.008 per referral click.
2) You can earn more by joining affiliate program here.
3) You can win daily prizes up to $5.
4) ClixSense pays through Paypal, Cheque and Alertpay.

NeoBux: It is the oldest PTC site having multi language environment worldwide. Various factors are responsible for earning like membership type, total number of referrals and ads viewed by you and your referrals. You can refer the FAQ’s for better understanding.

BuxP: BuxP is also similar to NeoBux. The minimum cash out is $8. There are two types of membership here, Standard membership and paid membership i.e. premium membership. You can earn from $0.001 to $0.011 per click and $0.0005 to $0.006 per referral click from BuxP.

WordLinx: It is also one of the PTC sites. You can earn up to $0.02 per click and $0.001 from referrals up to the 10 levels. Minimum Cash out is $10.

Clicksia: Clicksia rated as one of the top PTC site. The minimum payout limit is only $1.

PPLinx: PPLinx is also a good ptc site. Best thing about PPLinx is that you can make unlimited referrals. Minimum payout is only $1.

EarnEasyCash: Here in EarnEasyCash you may find weekly referral contest & $1. The minimum payout is only $0.90 for basic members and no limit for premium members.

CashnHits: CashnHits have minimum payout limit of $0.60 for standard member and $0.05 for premium member or upgraded member. They pay through Liberty Reserve, AlertPay within 3 working days.

IncraseBux: IncraseBux provide 24/7 online help and instant payment and receiving system. You can earn $0.02 per click and $0.01 per referral click.

LinkGrand: In LinkGrand you can earn by clicking on links and each link is of $0.003. You can also earn by referring other members. You can receive 30% of earning they make by clicking links. If someone makes purchases through that link/url, you will get 10% of that that purchase.

Incentria: Incentria is also one of PTC site which provide pay per click service. What makes Incentria different than other get paid to click program. Incentria have years of experience. With that they are providing on time payment service and customer support.

These are top paid to click sites, which generally pay through PayPal or AlertPay. PayPal and AlertPay are free to join. You can transfer money directly to your bank account through them.

Above mentioned all paid to click sites have good payment history and feedback. So do not hesitate to join. This is all about top 10 PTC sites.

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