What is Crowdsourcing? Best Crowd Sourcing Websites with their Website Ranking to Earn Part Time Income

Everyone now having the question about the crowdsourcing, what exactly is the crowd sourcing. Here in this article you will get the answer about what is crowdsourcing? In addition to that, the information about the best crowdsourcing sites with website ranking to earn part time income from home.

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowd sourcing is the process of getting work done from crowded people online. The basic idea is to outsource work to crowded people working online.

Best Crowdsourcing Sites:

1. MicroWorkers: It’s one of best sites which crowdsourced task or jobs are easy in nature. Perform these tasks which required only basic knowledge with computer or internet and make decent money. Generally the tasks are related to the website promotion. Get more information on site of MicroWorker in FAQ’s section. 

2. ShortTask: In this crowdsourcing site there are four categories in tasks: Research, Data Entry, and Writing & Design.

3. ClickWorker: You need to pass the tests or assessments after joined the ClickWorker. There’r two types of assessment. The Basic assessment needs to evaluate your skills in grammar, spelling and foreign languages. And specific requirement for job is fulfilled by Project assessment.

4. MinuteWorkers: MinuteWorker is a very simple crowd sourcing site. It provides simple task like signup and activate account, survey completion, posting on different forum and downloading specific material from specific website. MinuteWorker provide good opportunity to earn part time income.

5. RapidWorkers: Rapid worker is fastest growing site like MicroWorker. The crowd sourced task is somewhat related to marketing. The minimum payout of the site is $4. Once you reach to that minimum payout, you can redeem your money by PayPal.

6. CloudCrowd: It is the best crowdsourcing sites available in market. You can make decent amount in your free time with CloudCrowd. Most of  tasks are regarding to writing and editing.You need to signup using Facebook and work through Facebook application. Commissions are paid within day. You can redeem your money using PayPal.

 7. CrowdFlower: One of crowd sourcing site with 30 million workers/ contributors online. It’s the biggest crowd source website. Most of the people make their living using CrowdFlower. You cannot signup directly for CrowdFlower. First, need to sign up one of the contributor channel partner of CrowdFlower like ClixSense, SuperPay, mTurk, etc.

8. Samasource: It is non-profit organization working for youth and women generally living in the poverty.

There are three ways to work for Samasource:
  • Recruit: It work with country partner to identify youth and poor women to become the Samasource worker. And they provide them an opportunity to earn wage for living.

  • Train: After that workers need to go through 3-4 weeks of training in order to prepare themselves for micro task.

  • Give Work: After successful completion of training workers perform on microtask for their clients and earn living wage.

For to join Samasource go to its website at bottom and click on tab of ‘Donate your skills’.

9. Jobby: One of the crowdsourcing website having more than 60,000 workers online. Comparably less task available here. If you are quick enough to pick up the tasks, then this crowdsourcing site is mostly recommended for you.

10. myLot: myLot is one of the famous crowd sourcing site available online. myLot crowd source large number of task. Person from any country can join to myLot. But people from US find more eligible tasks. The tasks are comparably easy.

This is all about crowdsourcing site.

Let us see their website ranking.

Google PageRank
Alexa Ranking





Hope you understand what is crowdsourcing? As well as you might get idea about the best crowdsourcing sites and their website ranking. This is all about crowd sourcing sites. Please convey your suggesting through comment box given below.

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