9 Things required getting approval of AdSense Program

Every blogger likes to join AdSence program. Also there are other ad networks like AdSense to make money from blogging. But everyone likes to prefer Adsence program as it has many different reasons. AdSense is very trusted and most popular program on the Internet.

Second thing is that, it is easier to make money compared to other ad network. Now a day’s Google has made it very tough to get an approval for an AdSense account. So bloggers from India do not get approval so easily. Hence in order to get approval, you need to keep these 10 things in mind. 

These things are

1. Good Contents
You must have good contents. If you are unable to create good contents then create the contents that are readable. Content must be original and not plagiarize. Also it should not be rewritten and copied from other sites. Keep in mind, Google is very strict about copied content.

2. Domain of your Website/Blog
Google is very strict for bloggers, which are coming from countries like India and China. Hence, Google’s policy suggests that your website domain should be 6 months old. As bloggers from these countries are not professionals. They used to fool Google. If you are a blogger from USA or UK then you could get an approval in few weeks. Your domain must be of top level like .com, .in, .co etc. Do not use sub domain.

3. Make your blog design look like professional.
Design of your blog should be simple. And also it is free from any plug-ins in order to get extra clicks. If it is not according to the terms and conditions of Google, then it can lead to disapproval of application. So before you apply for an AdSense account, check whether the design of your blog is perfect or not?

4. Do Not Activate Other Ad Network on Your Blog prior to AdSense.
You should be very careful about integrating third party ads on your blog. It is better to go only for Adsense program. After that you can choose other networks ads according to Google policy.

5. Refer Policy (Terms & Cond) of Google
Every single point is covered in this article regarding Google’s terms and conditions for Adsense account. It is wise to read all its policy. You should read every point before you apply for Adsense.

6. Knowingly and Unknowingly Clicking Ads
In AdSense program you get paid when someone clicks on your ads. More clicks mean more money you make. It is because of this system. Many bloggers try to get clicks which are generated by them. This is totally illegal. And if Google comes to know then they will terminate your account.

7. Placement of Ads
You have to be careful about placing your ads. You will get partial approval as Google monitors your blog. After few days you will get complete approval. You should place only 3 ads on one page. Your ads should be looking normal. And make sure it does not irritate the readers by pop-out.

8. Include the pages like ‘About Me’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Contact Us’ on your blog.
It is important to include these types of pages respect to policy of Google. Create a detailed ‘about me’ and ‘contact us page’. Also include privacy policy regarding your blog. It will help you to Quick AdSence approval.

9. Address should be unique for Each Adsence Account
It means two Google checks cannot come to one house address. That means only one person from your home can apply for AdSense program. Two accounts with same address are not allowed.

Hence, in order to make your Google Adsence approval fast. Keep these nine things in mind..

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